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Pursuit of the Elements 2017


In Pursuit of the Elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire (22 photos)


A group of seven local artists, led by New Art Center instructor Jeanne Gugino, interpret the four elements of the world (earth, water, air and fire) in this season’s showcase. They were inspired by these elements, which have driven the cultures of the world from Ancient Greece and Egypt, to India, Tibet and China, to western astrology, into the present day. 

The artists used this concept as a guide, but they were able to express their interpretation of the elements through their paintings. Watercolors provided a medium that allowed for depth, dimension and transparency. Through the creative process, they learned from each other and had the opportunity to express how people exist in nature. See how the “Group of Seven” went through a journey in the search for the essence of nature in “Pursuit of the Elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.” 

Group of Seven Artists: Jeanne Gugino, Carolyn Lee, Elizabeth “Libby” Lowe, Kathryn Perrin, Maria “Conchita” Prada Strange, Barbara E. Rosenbloom, James C. Varnum