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FABric! 2015

Hanne Bernstein, Ellen Fisher, Bronwen Fullington, Deborah Hiatt, Dora Hsiung, Zeina Kahhale, Diana Kooy, Shuk Lee, Radhika Mathews, Roberta Oakley, Susan Tornheim, Gillan Wang, Sharon Whitham, Emily Williams, Lynn Witty

Back by popular demand, the second annual FABric show: A Captivating Fine Art Showcase! Every Image Constructed of Fabric and Fiber, or with Fiber as Subject. Show runs from May 11 through July 15. Artists: Hanne Bernstein Ellen Fisher Bronwen Fullington Deborah Hiatt Dora Hsiung Zeina Kahhale Diana Kooy Shuk Lee Radhika Mathews Roberta Oakley Susan Tornheim Gillan Wang Sharon Whitham Emily Williams Lynn Witty