Frequently Asked Questions


What is NewTV?

Where is NewTV?

Who can use NewTV?

Who decides what can go on NewTV's channels?

How do I get my program on NewTV?

Who can become a NewTV member?

When is the NewTV new member orientation?

How can I promote my business on NewTV?

How does NewTV fund its operations?

How is NewTV organized? Who runs NewTV?


What is NewTV?

NewTV is an Emmy® Award-winning, state-of-the-art media center dedicated to providing quality local programming and training to the diverse Newton community. As a non-profit organization, NewTV’s three channels (Community, Education and Government) provide an accessible platform for expression and innovation – an alternative voice to mainstream media.

In the 28 years since NewTV's inception, the organization has experienced remarkable growth and expansion of its production services and equipment. Currently, we offer media and production classes, screening opportunities, and internships for local students along with our original programming.


Where is NewTV?

NewTV’s studio and facilities are located at 23 Needham Street in Newton Highlands.  

The facility is at the top of the hill of a private road called Easy Street, which runs off Needham Street between National Lumber and National Tire & Battery (NTB). From 128 North or South, take the Needham Street Exit 19A and follow Needham Street north past the Avalon Apartments. Make a left onto Easy Street. From Newton Centre, take Centre Street past Route 9/Boylston Street, onto Winchester Street, then go right at the traffic signal onto Needham Street. Easy Street is the first right past National Lumber.


Who can use NewTV?

Residents of the City of Newton, members of Newton-based non-profit organizations, employees of Newton businesses and City of Newton employees are eligible to use NewTV.  This includes use of TV production equipment and facilities, cable TV channel time, training in TV production and media literacy. Anyone wishing to use NewTV facilities must become a member of NewTV for a small annual fee.


Who decides what can go on NewTV's channels? 

NewTV is a community media TV station, meaning the residents of Newton program it. Most of the programming you see on NewTV is actually produced by members of the Newton community - either private individuals, community-based organizations, or the city government.

This station is an electronic forum for free expression by the residents of Newton. NewTV's content is protected by the First Amendment and its guarantee that "Congress shall pass no law abridging the freedom of speech..." Any resident of Newton is free to say whatever they want on their NewTV program, provided that their program does not contain any illegal content. This illegal content is defined, in part, by NewTV's agreement with the City of Newton.

We have agreed to maintain a public forum for the free expression of ideas, as long as we prohibit all of the following types of content in programs:

• Commercials or advertising

• Libel or slander

• Obscenity and pornography

• Any violation of copyrights, publicity rights, or invasion of privacy

• Any violation of FCC regulations

• Any violation of any local, state, or federal law.

If you see something on NewTV's channels that does not fall into one of the above categories but upsets you anyway, you have the right to join us at NewTV and learn how to produce your own program or message on the channel and to counteract the message of the programming that upset you. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said: "...avert the evil by the process of education... the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."

If you'd like to know how the FCC defines obscenity, and the very different type of content called "indecency," you may read their Consumer Fact Sheet.

While NewTV is not directly regulated by this FCC policy, which is applied to broadcasters like the local network stations, we do follow it. 


How do I Get My Program onto NewTV?

• Register a Program Proposal with the Director of Member Services. 

• Reserve your equipment, studio time, and edit time with staff (up to 3 months ahead).

• Shoot and edit your program.

• Label your media with Program Title, (Episode # if series), Show Taping Date, Producer Name, Total Run Time (TRT).

• Submit finished recording to the Director of Member Services and arrange your playback airtime.

• Celebrate your success!


Who can become a NewTV Member?

All persons, firms, corporations, businesses, organizations, institutions, and other entities in the City of Newton who subscribe to the purpose of NewTV, and who support the Corporation by participation, or with a contribution of money, service or equipment, shall be eligible for membership.

In order to become a member of NewTV, a person or organization must meet all of the following conditions:

• Provide proof of Newton residence or corporate address in Newton (PO Boxes are not acceptable).

• Complete a Membership Application Form.

• Sign the Agreement with these Rules and Procedures.

• Pay the required membership fee.


When is the NewTV New Member Orientation?

Orientations for our four class tracks are held on Mondays at 7:00pm on a rotating basis. Attendance at an Orientation is a prerequisite for voting rights at the Annual Meeting as well as any NewTV training or facilities privileges. Register for Orientation here


How can I promote my business on NewTV?

NewTV offers a number of opportunities for Newton businesses to appear on NewTV. We have a series of channel underwriting opportunities that can expose your business name, logo and picture up to 24 times a day. We offer training in how to produce a business profile program highlighting your business or training videos for your employees. We also have a cooperative relationship with the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce for other program appearance opportunities for you and your business. Call Bob Kelly at 617-965-7200 Ext. 117 for more information.


How does NewTV fund its operations?

Most of NewTV’s funding is provided by a fee collected by each cable operator in the City of Newton from their subscribers. Federal law allows cities and towns to collect a fee from cable operators for their use of the public rights of way – the city’s streets, poles and underground conduits. Cable operators have made the business decision to pass this cost on to customers. These fees provide the free, state-of-the-art media equipment, channel time and training classes that NewTV offers.

Some of our funding is derived from charitable donations. NewTV is an independent, non-profit corporation, and we accept donations from supporters. 


How is NewTV organized?  Who runs NewTV?

NewTV is an independent, non-profit corporation originally created in 1991 with funding from the City for a local cable access station. Since then, NewTV has become a fully-fledged, state-of-the-art media center that provides a platform for community opinions and news. NewTV is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members of NewTV elect up to three directors to serve on this board. An Executive Director runs the day-to-day operations, (see NewTV Staff), and the Executive Director is given an operating budget by the Board to hire staff and pay for day-to-day expenses. 

Members do not represent NewTV and should refrain from implying such representation. False representation of NewTV may result in suspension of membership privileges. Such false representation might include (but is not limited to) statements such as "I am producing for NewTV..." or "I work at NewTV...". A Community Producer may inform interested persons that he or she is "a volunteer community producer, working on my own TV program which I produce at Newton's local media center, NewTV. I am responsible for the entire production...", or words to that effect.