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New Year, New Floor

A new year can bring big changes, and for NewTV, it brought a shiny and smooth studio floor.

As some of our members might have noticed, until recently our studio floor had some noticeable cracks and dents. While these flaws weren’t usually visible on camera, it was time to upgrade the floor to create a smoother surface.


NewTV contracted New England Surface Preparation for the resurfacing. Before their work could begin though, the NewTV staff had to clear out the studio. This was a multi-step process; we took down curtains, disassembled the news set, and covered all the lights with plastic bags to protect them from any dust. This resulted in a funny-looking but well-protected ceiling:


The week of Dec. 31- Jan. 4, NewTV closed for New Year’s and for the resurfacing. Our director of operations, Steve Russo, checked in on the process and took some photos. First, the old floor needed to be blasted away. This revealed the concrete underneath. Then, finally the new floor could be put down, with some extra time reserved for drying.



NewTV opened again on January 7, and the staff put the entire studio set back together in two days.

The new studio floor should be more resistant to wear and tear. Steve has a word of advice of though for members who want to see the floor last: “The old floor lasted ten years of heavy use but suffered a lot of damage from all the great shows that get produced in the studio. The new studio floor is smooth and more durable, but it's still not scratch-proof so I encourage members to be careful when moving set pieces. Lifting, instead of dragging, is always the best option.”

Thank you to our members for their patience and flexibility during the studio blackout and our closings! If you haven’t had the chance to yet, please stop by and check the floor out.

Old Studio Floor: 


New Studio Floor: 

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