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Friday, 20 January 2017 07:00

Media that Breaks the Mold

Written by NewTV Staff

Katie Geiger, Director of Member Services: I enjoy listening to podcasts, especially techy and political talks. When I have a day when I'm doing a lot of desk work, it's good to throw one on and learn a little bit while cranking out some emails.

Steve Russo, Director of Operations: I like watching YouTube videos. They range from Epic Fail videos, to funny pranks, to unexplained creatures, flat earth, conspiracies, caught on camera, and of course cats getting scared of cucumbers. My kids love the videos called blind bags (people opening bags with a toy surprise inside), Surprise Eggs, and kids club videos.

Eugene Foygelman, Production Coordinator: I enjoy podcasts and would recommend them. 

Jenn Adams, News Director: I enjoy the Village14 blog to get an idea of what's happening in Newton and read the perspectives from a wide range of people who live here.

Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing Specialist: Gilmore Guys. It’s a podcast and I’d think it is primarily enjoyable for people who watch Gilmore Girls, though apparently people like it that didn’t watch the show. I like the idea of podcasts in general for long drives or trips because I feel like if you find the right one they are so interesting and entertaining.

Andrew Eldridge, Co-Director of Original Programming: I’ve been listening to the Hardcore History by Dan Carlin pretty steadily for the past two years. He provides extraordinarily comprehensive histories of time periods and events such as the fall of the Roman Republic, the Ostfront of World War II, and the Mongolian invasion of Europe. His presentation is thoroughly engaging, and has a nice balance between statistics, dates and numbers to personal accounts and the overarching drama that is taking place during all of these history-changing or defining moments.

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