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Friday, 06 January 2017 07:00

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing Specialist

1. Introducing Ellen Lacey

Brief Summary: Meet Ellen Lacy, Director of Production Services.

Best Quote: “I remember being annoyed when my afternoon programming was interrupted by Apollo 11 landing on the moon. History was in the making, and I was thinking about missing my TV shows.”

Takeaway: When there are major changes at NewTV, you will hear about them on our blog. Early in 2016, we welcomed Ellen Lacey as our new Director of Production Services. She has taken the department by storm, bringing in a variety of new projects and brightening our facility with her sense of humor. New staff members, facility upgrades and other important updates can be found on the blog.

2. A Critique of the 2016 Candidates’ Logos: The good, the bad, and the “Uh, I just don’t get it”!

Brief Summary: Director of Marketing and Creative Services Shelly Kamanitz critiques the logos of each presidential candidate independent of their politics.

Best Quote: “Because there are so many candidates, branding is ever more essential in differentiating them from each other and visually representing their personalities and messages.”

Takeaway: Did you think we could get through a post about 2016 and not talk about the election? But really, this has nothing to do with policy, simply with design. Back when there were many candidates and each was trying to stand out, one way to do that was visually. This post emphasizes the importance of branding, whether it is for a candidate, a product or a program. There are posts that apply what we do here to the real world.

3. Pulling Off Historical Period Pieces

Brief Summary: Find out what it takes to produce a successful historical piece on a limited budget.

Best Quote: “Keep in mind that you’re not going to get everything right. The events you’re recreating take place sometimes hundreds of years ago, and the materials, technology and tools we use today bear almost no resemblance to those you wish to emulate.”

Takeaway: We have blog posts that give you general production advice. Even if you are not interested in doing an historical re-creation of your own, you might want to know how they do it.

4. ITVFest: Leaves, Learning & Connections

Brief Summary: Angela reports back from the ITVFest in Vermont.

Best Quote: “At ITVFest there is really nowhere else to go [because of its location], which almost forces everyone to interact with each other the entire week. The relationships that were built became stronger because of this, and I left the festival feeling like something profound had just ended, and eager for next year’s to begin.”

Takeaway: Staff members attend industry conferences such as this one and the Digital Summit in Philadelphia. They come back energized and eager to share what they have learned and apply it at NewTV. These blog posts can be extremely informative and interesting.

5. Awards, Speakers, Workshops and More!: #ACMBoston 2016

Brief Summary: The national Alliance for Community Media Conference was held in Boston this year! Learn all about it in this post.

Best Quote: “[Community media] allows the everyday person the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions, without having to push big media’s agenda.”

Takeaway: Many of our staff members are involved in the greater community media industry and attend conferences such as this one and the Mass Access conference. If you are part of the NewTV community, you are part of this community as well and we want to keep you updated on what is happening. Plus, in this case we were excited to share that some of our members received awards!

6. Going Digital: Predictions from the Entertainment & Media Conference at Harvard Business School

Brief Summary: Find out all about what our staff members learned about the challenges facing the entertainment industries at the Entertainment and Media Conference at Harvard Business School.

Best Quote: “All in all, one thing I think everyone agreed upon is that they simply don’t know where the industry is heading next.”

Takeaway: We might attend a really interesting event or learn something fascinating about the industry that we work in and want to share it with all of you. Our blog has become a platform for us to do that.

7. Crafting The Folklorist In-Studio Look

Brief Summary: Have you ever wondered how The Folklorist crew transforms the studio into different times and places? Find out here.

Best Quote: “Sometimes we film at places like Gore Place or on pirate ships…but it’s the classic black box studio at NewTV that we always come back to.”

Takeaway: Sometimes we will take you behind the scenes at NewTV. You may get to learn how a specific aspect of a specific show comes together or why a certain decision was made.

8. Favorite NewTV Productions

Brief Summary: NewTV staff members shared their favorite or most memorable productions or projects they had been a part of at NewTV.

Best Quote: “Though it wasn’t a ‘production’ per se, it was the first big NewTV event that I worked on and it gave me the chance to get to know everyone and see how we all work together.”

Takeaway: Another type of post we’ve introduced is one where many staff members respond to one question. We hope this helps you get to know us better or give you some great recommendations for television, movies and more. We’d also always love to hear your answer in the comments!

9. Overheard in the Control Room

Brief Summary: Jessica shares her experience at the CNN control room and relates it back to NewTV.

Best Quote: “Even professionals at huge national stations make mistakes and face problems. Technology is not perfect yet and neither are humans. You can only try your best to produce content you are proud of.”

Takeaway: Our staff and members have traveled the United States and the world this year, going to places like Brazil, Australia and Seattle. It is always great to hear about their experiences and how they relate to what goes on at NewTV.

10. The Editor’s Toolkit

Brief Summary: Andrew takes you through some of his favorite Adobe Premiere plugins to help give your project the perfect style.

Best Quote: “Sometimes, you need something else, something different. Lumetri isn’t giving you the desired look and feel. Warp Stabilizer is making the footage wonky, and you need something more than a simple Cross Dissolve.”

Takeaway: We’ve tried to introduce technical tutorials. We’ve had a few posts that have given tips on editing or audio. We also had some posts talking about new technology, like drones and the USB-C. Hopefully you have found these posts helpful.

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