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Thursday, 29 March 2018 10:17

How to Promote your Community Channel Show on Social Media

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing Specialist


How to Promote your Community Channel Show on Social Media

So, you’re a member of NewTV and you’re creating some great content. Maybe you’ve been a member for years and your show is well established. Maybe you joined within the last year or two and you’re just getting your footing. Either way, you are putting in work to turn your vision into a reality. Don’t you want as many people as possible to see it? Of course your project airs on NewTV in a few time slots and it is uploaded to NewTV’s website. But, if there were a way you could expand your reach, wouldn’t you want to do that? Enter social media.


Great question. As long as you create a page/account for your show that is not associated with a business, you are certainly allowed to do this. Once your production has aired on NewTV, you are free to upload it elsewhere if you wish (YouTube, Facebook etc.). You can also share the link to NewTV’s website. All you have to do is include NewTV’s disclaimer at the beginning of each episode or program. If you’d like to give a special thanks to NewTV in the credits you can, you just can’t mention any specific staff members or falsely represent yourself as a staff member. Details about the rules can be found in the Rules and Procedures. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Director of Member Services.


MarketCommChannelSM1Having social media accounts for your productions is by no means a requirement, so you might be wondering why you should bother. Well, there are plenty of benefits.

Increasing Reach

You can increase the amount of reach your show has and increase its viewership. You can grow the likes/followers of your accounts and then post links to your content. That way people who are interested will know when you have a new episode available. Since all content is available online, your reach can expand outside of Newton.

Video = Social Media Gold

If you post video on social media, you will be rewarded. Here are some quick statistics: one third of all online activity is spent watching videos; videos on Facebook get triple the amount of engagement and 1200% more shares than text and image posts put together; 82% of Twitter users regularly watch video content on the site.

Online Community

You can interact with other accounts and create an online community. Did you have a great guest on your show? Like their page, take a photo with them and tag them in it, mention them in a post about their episode airing. Did your crew do a particularly amazing job? Give them a shout-out. Others will begin paying it forward and doing the same for you. NewTV often posts pictures from shoots that go on at the studio. More often than not we can tag guests but we are unable to tag our own programs because they do not have accounts. We also get tagged in posts from the guests on some of our amazing shows – imagine if they could tag you as well!


Okay, okay, now I’ve convinced you. But which social media accounts should you create? If you’re thinking that you can’t start them all at once because it’s too overwhelming and you don’t know what to post, you’re right. It’s better to have fewer accounts with quality content than to have more accounts with nothing to say. Quality over quantity. Here are some of the best places to start:


Most likely, you have a personal Facebook page, so you’re familiar with the interface. Create a page for your show. It’s easy to like the pages of your guests, other Newton organizations (hint: NewTV), and even other community media centers. You can invite your friends to like your page and start posting content right away. There’s no character limit and you can put up text, pictures and videos. Share links to some of your previous episodes, share relevant articles, share pictures or behind the scenes footage from production. Facebook loves when you upload videos directly their site, but short-form videos do best on this platform.


YouTube has over a billion users and is focused on video. It’s better than Facebook for long-form content, so you can even upload entire episodes. But, be aware that YouTube takes copyright issues seriously (as do most of the other social media sites).


Keep it short and sweet. 280 characters or less. Then why use it?

Use photos, videos and gifs. Tag other accounts and grow your audience. Recognize others with retweets. Join conversations with #hashtags.


NewTV is offering two classes in social media this quarter. There will be an introduction of social media class on April 5, where students will learn to set up accounts and interact with others on four major social media sites. Then, on April 19 there will be a class covering the intersection of video and social media where students will learn to upload video content. They will learn the acceptable specs and best practices for video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Click here to learn more about these classes.


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