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Friday, 06 April 2018 13:15

Ridding Your Electronics of Dust

Written by Eugene Foygelman, Production Coordinator


In my previous blog posts I wrote about various computer parts: how they work and how to select your next device. For this one I wanted to write about something important that’s affected my family, my friends and me and that’s dust.

Dust = Heat

computer 189431 1920Dust will ruin your device, whether it’s a gaming console, a big desktop or a compact laptop. Dust covers up fans making them less efficient in redistributing heat. It forces the fans to work harder, causing more heat and will cover other parts acting as a blanket trapping the heat in even more. It’s a feedback loop of killer proportions.

Why is Heat a Problem?

Excessive heat destroys any electronic device, even the non-electronic bits. If your phone constantly gets hot your battery will degrade faster than normal, so try keeping it out of the sun. For computers, the parts are rated to a certain degree and if the temperature exceeds that limit your device has a higher chance of failing. Your computer parts can and will melt, your processors will get shot, and your motherboards will fry.

Heat also messes with computer performance. When your processor is getting too hot it automatically limits itself in order to not overheat. Which means if you’re trying to edit a video you’ll wind up having more crashes and general lag because your computer isn’t working at full capacity. If the temperatures get too high your PC will do an emergency shutdown, so if you’re in the middle of a project you may lose a lot of work.

How to Reduce Dust

The first counter measure is proper airflow. I like to keep my devices off of carpets, because that’s a great source for those small fibers that wind up covering up the expensive parts. If you have no space on your desk, getting some type of rubber or wooden floor mat will reduce overall dust intake.

cooler 933691 1920However, unless you work in a clean room, you will probably still have dust in your device. This is where maintenance comes in. It may seem scary, but in order to clean the dust out of your computer you’ll have to open it up and clean it out. For every computer model, there are probably at least a dozen videos out there on how to tear it down and clean it up. This might seem like a daunting task, but keeping your devices clean will lengthen their lifespan and will wind up saving you time and money, and even heartbreak.

You can use micro-fiber cloths, q-tips for the harder to reach places, and small keyboard vacuums. Compressed air is useful, but I like to stay away from using it on the processor or motherboard.

Overall, desktops are fairly easy to clean, they’re big and easy to open and all the parts are staring you right in the face. Two-in-Ones are going to be tougher, but should still be cleanable. Laptops can be a challenge, but they’re still accessible.

Macs are Macs.

Also, if you live with a furry pet or someone with long hair you’ll just have to clean more often.

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