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Friday, 31 August 2018 12:59

Skype from our Studio

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing Specialist


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of witnessing NewTV’s Skype capabilities in our control room for a show episode that was close to my heart. A year ago, I visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam with my sister. I have always been interested in the Holocaust, so I’ve been to many museums and read many books on the topic. I thought the Anne Frank house was extremely well presented and I was excited that Skype would allow Jay Sugarman to interview a guest from this amazing museum on his show, Museum Open House.


Introducing Skype to NewTV

Skype1We first integrated Skype in our control room at the beginning of 2018. Director of Operations, Steve Russo, demonstrated the technology at our Member Meet and Greet in January. Members were impressed with the demo and realized that this could greatly increase the pool of guests available for interviews on their shows. I’d used Skype in my personal life since high school to keep in touch with friends living in different states and later in different countries, but since I am not directly involved in studio productions I did not know exactly how it would work here.


Using Skype for Studio Productions

Jay was particularly excited to get started. While Museum Open House typically features institutions throughout Massachusetts, he began taking advantage of Skype to feature special museums beyond our borders. Earlier this summer, he interviewed Roberto Diaz Abraham, one of the founders and President of MUSA: Underwater Museum of Art located in the ocean of the Cancun National Marine Park. From there, he has interviewed representatives from The National Museum of Psychology in Akron, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.


Skype3The Anne Frank House Comes Alive at NewTV via Skype

Yesterday, Jay’s guest on Museum Open House was Ronald Leopold, the Executive Director of the Anne Frank House. The crew assembled the set as if it was a normal day, only there was no guest chair next to Jay. Ronald was Skyped in, the feed was broadcast full screen and Jay was able to view him on a monitor in the studio. Jay could hear Ronald on his IFB and Ronald could hear him, but not the activity in the control room. The picture was impressively clear.


Use Skype Yourself

While this does add more technical steps, the rewards are truly worth it. You can have guests appear on your show from anywhere in the world. I’d encourage other studio producers to think about how they can use this technology to nab a dream guest for their show. NewTV is always thinking of ways we can improve our services to offer more opportunities for you; we encourage you to take advantage of them.

Look out for the Anne Frank House episode of Museum Open House.

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