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Friday, 12 October 2018 10:38

One Last Story

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing Specialist


Over the last four years (and one month) I’ve worn many hats here at NewTV. As the Digital Marketing Specialist, I’ve been the voice behind the social media. I’ve been an event planner. I’ve been a web content manager. I’ve been a flyer designer. I’ve been a class instructor. I’ve been a researcher. I’ve been a social media correspondent during live election night coverage. I’ve been a leader of the podcasting committee.


JessicaBye1Of all of my roles, one of my favorites was that of a storyteller. During my time at NewTV, I had the pleasure of sharing the stories behind many members, interns and events. The first member profile I wrote for the website was during my second month of work, November 2014. It was about a member, Jay Sugarman, who had started a show less than a year prior called Museum Open House. Since then, I have written articles about Jay reaching 100 episodes of that series and his second series, Innovation Showcase. I introduced our community to new board members and even a new board president. Our members’ stories took me as far as Cuba, Brazil and Russia. Some were still in high school, and told me about their love of fencing or swimming, while others were retired and spoke of their memories of flying planes or teaching elementary school. Whatever else was going on in their lives, somehow NewTV had made an impact.


JessicaBye2Interns from schools such as Emerson College, University of Miami, Lasell College, Northeastern University, Quinnipiac University and Princeton University allowed me to write about their backgrounds and hopes and dreams for the future. I even had the chance to write about the history of NewTV when we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary in 2016. Longtime members and staff that I interviewed told me about how much this organization has grown and evolved over time. As I wrote these stories, I did my best to capture NewTV and what it means to everyone involved with it.


Now, I hope you will let me to tell one more brief story. It starts with a woman born in Maryland who went to RISD and traveled around the country for work before landing in Massachusetts. In 2014, she hired me, a woman who was born in New Jersey, went to UConn and moved up to Massachusetts for the job. While everyone I have worked with at NewTV, both members and staff, has had an impact on me, nobody has had a greater influence than Director of Marketing and Creative Services, Shelly Kamanitz. I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank her for everything she has done for me over the last four years (and one month). I cannot really find the right words to express how grateful I am for her guidance. I hope our story will continue.


To everyone else at NewTV, thank you for allowing me to tell your stories. I wish you the best and I hope to keep reading about you in the future.

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#1 Sindy 2018-12-26 17:14
I love when women empower other women. Good job :)

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