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Thursday, 24 September 2015 23:27

Value of User-Generated Content

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator


Many brands have created successful campaigns around it UGC, such as Starbucks’ 2014 White Cup Contest. The company encouraged customers to draw on their white cups and submit pictures of their masterpieces. The winning cup would become the template for a limited edition Starbucks cup. In only three weeks almost 4,000 customers submitted photos and Starbucks got a positive reputation for taking customer ideas into consideration.

Another example was T-Mobile’s “Break-Up Letter” App, launched as part of a promotion where they offered to pay contract cancellation fees for anyone who switched cell phone service providers. The Facebook app helped people compose custom break-up letters to their current carrier, which they could easily share on social media. Over 80,000 photos of break-up letters were posted across different platforms. This number might not correlate with the amount of people who switched to T-Mobile, but it certainly shows that people were aware of the campaign. Getting customers involved makes a huge difference.

These big brand examples are cool, but why should a company incorporate user-generated content, especially a smaller one like NewTV? We don’t have over 100,000 followers using #NewTV on their pictures, so the content isn’t as plentiful as it may be for a large national brand. Yet, there’s something extremely compelling about UGC – it’s authentic and real. When I tell you NewTV has a great internship program you can just tune me out because I work for NewTV, but when I post a photo of a cookie arrangement that an intern sent us as a “thank-you” on Instagram and then she comments on that photo saying how much she’ll miss interning here and what a great experience it was, you know those are real feelings. There are other benefits, such as sharing content from our supporters, which in turn helps promote them and our relationship. Yet, I think the authenticity is one of the greatest values.

NewTV just ran it’s first Summer Photo Contest, which was an opportunity to gain user-generated content. We encouraged people to send in photos they took over the summer to enter in one of four categories. The people who entered the contest varied in age, life experience and chosen photo subjects. Entries represented the diversity of NewTV’s membership and I am excited to announce the winner. When you see the winners and runners up, hopefully you can relate to their summer experiences and remember your own. We’d like to have more user-generated content in the future, so don’t forget to #NewTV or tag us on Facebook because we’d love to know your genuine thoughts. 

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