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Thursday, 14 January 2016 22:51

The Power of a #Hashtag

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator


When hashtags first started, they were more organic and were created because people were categorizing things in the same manner. Now, that can happen with breaking news, but they are more likely to be used to promote events, people or items (#NationalChampionship, #Adele, #Lego).

So, how can the average social media user employ a hashtag? You can join in on the conversation about large events, celebrities or items. For example, when a new product comes out, you may want to share your feedback on it. Or, you might want to comment on an important event, such as the recent political debates. Hashtags allow you to participate during the live productions. There are some hashtags, such as #tbt (Throwback Thursday) that people use regularly to express a fun concept. Anyone can post an old picture with the hashtag #tbt for their followers to enjoy. You can use it to express your feelings about your own tweet. For example, you might share an article and add #mustread. Recently, hashtags have been popular in social activism.

resizedimage400300 12489302101530781472217067991202751842149546oSometimes you will be in a situation with a suggested hashtag. You may see a hashtag pop up on the bottom corner of your screen during a television show – if you tweet with that hashtag you can join in on the conversation about that series. Some shows even have different hashtags for each scene. Another time you might see a suggested hashtag is at a special event or place. Recently, I was in Sydney, Australia. I was at the Royal Botanical Gardens and it was their 200th Anniversary. They had a plant display telling you to use #Garden200. There were also signs around the city telling you to use #sydnye as the hashtag for New Year’s Eve. Sometimes they are used for professional dialogues on Twitter so that many people can join in one conversation

resizedimage400300 1240209210153078151676706209716015926462982oHashtags are not just for big corporate and citywide events – they are becoming popular for weddings and trips. People going on long vacations will often select a hashtag so they can refer back to all of their tweets and photos later on. The wedding I went to in Sydney had a hashtag, which was featured on the sign they used when picking people up from the airport. The wedding I attended over the summer had a hashtag as well. After the excitement of the event has died down, the couple can search on their Instagram accounts for the hashtag and see everyone’s photos.

For companies, hashtags can help them reach their target audience and increase their click-through rates, among other benefits. For the average user, hashtags can make their posts more easily searchable and allow them to contribute to the wider conversation. They can also add humor and relevance to their posts. Hopefully you can begin to understand the importance and usefulness of a #hashtag. hashtagarticle

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