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Friday, 01 April 2016 15:50

#tbt to being Nostalgic

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing Specialist



resizedimage225400 IMG3643Y copyThe exact origin of the phrase “Throwback Thursday” is not agreed upon, but it was posted on Twitter before it became a popular phenomenon on Instagram. The first person to use #throwbackthursday on Instagram was Bobby Sanders, who posted a picture of Hot Wheels cars with a photo-aging filter in February 2011. This was around the time Instagram enabled hashtag functionality. The first use of the abbreviation #tbt was on Instagram.


So, why did this hashtag take the Internet by storm? Nostalgia. People love to wax nostalgic about their childhoods, their vacations, old pop culture trends and many other things – and that’s not just an opinion. Research has shown that nostalgia offsets anxiety, boredom and loneliness. It makes people more tolerant of and giving to outsiders. Nostalgia increases self-esteem and feelings of “social connectedness.” Research has also found it to be universal: it seems people in all cultures experience nostalgia. Given some of the reasons that people use social media – to be more connected to others, relieve boredom and share their lives with others – the popularity of #tbt makes sense.


resizedimage306400 pepsitbtNow that you know why people would use this on their personal accounts, you might wonder why or how companies would use it. The “why” is similar to that of an individual account: companies want their followers to have positive associations with their account and therefore with their brand, if the account makes them feel nostalgic which in turn makes them feel good, now they associate good feelings with the brand. In fact, companies’ use of nostalgia marketing extends far beyond #tbt. Sure, they might share an old picture on a Thursday, but they might also bring back an old item, revamp a vintage logo to use again, or take advantage of an old song or film.


Since it’s NewTV’s 25th Anniversary, we’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic ourselves. Another thing we feel when we share old photos is pride. We’re proud of our members who have been here since the beginning, or close to it. I’ve seen photos from the archives of members at the old Lincoln Street location who I still see today. We’re also proud of how far our facility and equipment have come. When NewTV first started, I wasn’t even born, so the technology looks dated to me, but it was cutting edge at the time. Comparing it to what we have now allows us to see the progress that has been made in the industry and that we have made in our ability to provide for our membersresizedimage246400 IMG3645CR.


As we celebrate this year, indulge us as we share a few more #tbts than usual. Allow them to take you on a journey to the past. Soak up the nostalgia – it’s good for you. And, be sure to share some #tbts of your own. 


For more information on the science of nostalgia, visit: 

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