Due to the spread of COVID-19, NewTV is still currently closed to the public. For the month of June, we are offering curbside checkout and drop-off for equipment, 10:00am - 4:00pm on Monday - Thursday. 

NewTV’s Government Media Department has had a busy kick-off to summer. We’ve been covering several community meetings and hearings including the recent Austin Street and leaf blower ban input sessions. This type of unedited public process coverage is an effort that will continue to grow in the coming months and demonstrates the core belief of democracy in promoting active government-citizen participation. 

Freedom of NewTV

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator

Saturday is July 4th, and while this holiday is usually celebrated with fireworks, barbecues and picnics, it really commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. The Revolutionary War was fought and colonists won their independence from the Great Britain. Years later, in 1791, the Bill of Rights or the first ten amendments to the constitution were passed. You probably learned all of this in history class many times. You also probably learned that the first amendment protects your right to free speech, along with freedom of religion, press, assembly and petition. July 4th is a great chance to celebrate the United State and the freedom given to its citizens by the constitution. 

Intern Short Films & Reflections

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator; Katie Emerson & Camille Frazier

At the end of each semester, we say goodbye to many of our interns and anxiously await the arrival of the next group of students to train, mentor and watch as they develop their skills. Over the past few weeks, production services intern Katie Emerson and original programming intern Camille Frazier finished their time at NewTV. Throughout the semester, they learned new skills, gained hands-on experience and produced their own short films. Before they left, both took the time to reflect on the experience.

TV Recommendations by NewTV

Written by NewTV Staff

A few weeks ago, we gave you movie recommendations from the NewTV staff. As you have more free time in the summer months, here are some television recommendations. At the same time they were asked about movies, the staff were challenged to select a television show that everyone should be watching currently and a television show that people should binge watch. Here are their answers:

Lifecycle of a Newton News Story

Written by Jenn Adams, News Director

How do we decide what to news to report on Newton News? On any given day, we search through the blogs, newspapers, emails, voicemails and calendars to find out what’s happening in Newton. There are also stories that take more than one week to report on and there are ongoing stories, like the Austin Street project or any development project in Newton. 

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