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Keep on Learning

Written by Michael Sills, Director of Member Media

The most important thing to remember while working in video (and in any profession for that matter) is that you are always learning. I know I am. Daily, I’m online checking blogs for new equipment, techniques or skills I’m trying to improve upon. My weekends are usually spent working on my own projects or helping others with theirs in the hopes that I pick up something and stay sharp. Regularly, someone will ask me a question at NewTV that I don’t have an answer for, so I head online to find it for him or her. Not knowing everything is natural; it makes you better at what you do. Never stop learning; there is always something to improve upon.

On the Board of MassAccess

Written by Stephen M. Kessinger, Director of Government Media

In January, I joined the MassAccess Board of Directors. It is an honor to work with my colleagues in this industry and on behalf of cities and towns across the Commonwealth to legislate for the future of community media as well as share in the common goal of providing access and transparency to residents. We are fortunate here at NewTV to have both our Production Services Manager, Melinda Garfield, and myself represented as part of the Board. Our work encompasses outreach and partnership, as we share ideas on technology, strategy and overall mission.

Before Photoshop: The Evolution of TV Graphics

Written by Shelly Kamanitz, Director of Marketing and Creative Services

Graphics have been used for decades to help brand and visually enhance television shows, but the technology used to create and distribute them has changed dramatically over the years.

So You Made A Short Film, Now What?

Written by Angela Harrer, Co-Director of Original Programming

Making short films is a great way to get a quick crash course in the film industry. But, some of those films never see the light of day. This could be because the filmmaker looses interest or no longer identifies with their project. It could be for time or budgetary reasons. Or, it could be because they didn't plan far enough ahead to know where their films can and should go. 

MA Business Matchmaker With Senator Warren

Written by Melinda Garfield, Production Services Manager

On Monday, March 23, I attended Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2nd Annual Massachusetts Business Matchmaker, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the American Supplier Initiative at The Sheraton in Framingham. Welcoming remarks were given by Bob Nelson, SBA MA District Director who welcomed speakers Robert Zarnetske, GSA Regional Administrator for New England, Seth Goodall, SBA Regional Administrator for New England, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Robert Zarnestske spoke on how to grab the attention of federal agencies. His advice was summed up with an acronym: RIP- Research, Intimacy, and Persistence. Seth Goodall reminded the crowd about the Quick Pay Initiative, where the Federal Government needs to pay small businesses for their services within 15 days of the completion of a project. Then, Senator Warren spoke about the Consumer Protection Agency. She discovered that government agencies were only using a few major companies when it came to providing services to Federal Government Agencies, so she has made it her mission to find small businesses to use for these types of services so that the small businesses can survive in our economy and grow.

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