Remembering Ms. B

Written by Andrew Eldridge, Co-Director of Original Programming

When I first arrived at NewTV in the Summer of 2007, I stepped into an unfamiliar world, where people, mostly without any experience in production, could walk in and produce a program about whatever their hearts desired. You had political roundtables, cooking shows, short films, lifestyle shows, animal documentaries, and the obligatory local wrestling show. And of course, there were the personalities to match.

Designing Logos in Illustrator

Written by Shelly Kamanitz, Director of Marketing and Creative Services

Adobe Illustrator has been around for a long time (since the late 80’s), and has been updated and improved over the years. But, it still remains one of the most popular programs for creating logos and vector art. Its interface is very user-friendly and allows graphic designers to easily manipulate typography, create vector art and design type layouts. I’ll explain more about vector art later in this article.

Instagram Takeover: Social Media Campaigns

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator

One of my goals as the Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator at NewTV has been to improve NewTV's social media presence. For Facebook, this has translated into daily posts that feature a variety of information about what NewTV has to offer. For Twitter, it has translated into tweeting more actively and interacting more with our followers. For LinkedIn, it has translated into posting the type of content that other users would be interested in reading. For Google Plus, it translated into creating our account. And, for Instagram, it has translated into posting pictures more often and trying to tag more people in posts.

This semester's Production Services intern, Katie Emerson, wrote this week's blog post. While Katie is the first Production Services intern, being a NewTV intern puts her in good company. After reading Katie's thoughts on her time at NewTV so far and her goals for the future, feel free to click here and find out what some former interns are up to now.

Screenplay Structure

Written by Angela Harrer, Co-Director of Original Programming

In the film world, a project is only as good as its story. While there is no one right way for artists to tell their stories, having an understanding of some of the screenwriting guidelines and conventions that are used can be a good starting off point to help writers build a compelling narrative.

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