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Opportunity of the Annual Meeting

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator

Wednesday night was NewTV’s 24th (but my first) Annual Meeting. While it might not be as theatrical as House of Haunts or as creative as an art gallery reception, I can tell you it is an extremely important event. The night included an annual report, an election, and a chance for members to talk to NewTV board members and staff. Those in attendance spoke positively of the evening, and I’d like to take the opportunity to share what happened and maybe inspire even more people to attend next year .

I began working as a volunteer reporter for NewTV’s "Newton News" in the spring of 2001. When I was hired as the fulltime News Director in November of 2002, NewTV was located in the basement of the Hyde Community Center on Lincoln Street in Newton Highlands. At that time we had only two channels – Public and Government. We were using DVCPro cameras and tapes to record video, AVID as our non-linear software, the Newton News studio set had the fake brick walls and we were recording the show on SVHS. It was perfect for the time… but times have change

Producers Meeting Recap

Written by Michael Sills, Director of Member Media

I wanted to first thank all the producers who came to the Producer’s Meeting held on March 4. It was a great opportunity to hear from everyone and discuss some of the upcoming highlights happening at NewTV this year. For anyone not able to attend the meeting, this post will help you catch up on what you missed.

#NewTVChallenge: Success

Written by oe Garozzo, Director of Educational Media

NewTV’s first One Week Short Film Challenge has come to an end and what a success it was! First and foremost, I’d like to thank all seven teams that signed up and participated in this inaugural event.

Remembering Ms. B

Written by Andrew Eldridge, Co-Director of Original Programming

When I first arrived at NewTV in the Summer of 2007, I stepped into an unfamiliar world, where people, mostly without any experience in production, could walk in and produce a program about whatever their hearts desired. You had political roundtables, cooking shows, short films, lifestyle shows, animal documentaries, and the obligatory local wrestling show. And of course, there were the personalities to match.

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