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New Year's Resolution: Improve My Production Skills

Written by Stephen M. Kessinger, Director of Government Media

As we enter a new year, many of us take a moment of reflection to think about some resolutions for the coming year. The typical ones are usually eating healthier or getting physically fit, but what about improving a skill set? Video production is a craft and it requires constant refinement as well as attention to detail. Whether you’ve just started or have been producing for years, there are always opportunities to learn more and improve your

Will You Accept the Challenge?

Written by Joe Garozzo, Director of Educational Media

What better way to make a name for yourself if you’re an aspiring director, actor, writer, or producer than through a film festival? Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars got their start this way. Directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Joel and Ethan Coen, Kevin Smith, and Wes Anderson all got their initial exposure through film festivals. Film festivals have also been a means for launching acting careers; Luke and Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lawrence all got their starts this way.

NewTV has teamed up with six surrounding community media centers in Massachusetts’ Metro west area to bring you the latest about what’s happening in communities around you. What began as an idea between Kim Maire, a Wellesley Community Producer, Bob Kelly, NewTV’s Executive Director, and me over a year ago came to fruition in March of 2014 in the form of a regional news magazine show called The Local Focus. Natalie Kaplan, who is also a Wellesley Community Producer as well as an NECN News Producer, anchors the bi-weekly show. Kim Maire is the show's official creator.

The Importance of Branding Your Show

Written by Shelly Kamanitz, Director of Marketing & Creative Services

While a show's content is the primary focus for producers, graphics can brand and enhance the production value of a show, making it more visually pleasing to the viewer.

The Folklorist Premiere

Written by Angela Harrer, Co-Director of Original Programming

NewTV's Original Program The Folklorist has just launched its second season. The premiere episode that aired on Thursday, November 6th on NewTV included the stories of a team of explorers that struggled to survive in a snowy wasteland in Shackleton's Voyage, a town that descended into hysteria after a mysterious sea creature from the deep was spotted off the coast in The Gloucester Sea Serpent, and two young ladies who enchanted the world with their mystical photographs in The Cottingley Fairies.

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