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Use NewTV Production Services This Holiday Season

Written by Melinda Garfield, Production Services Manager

There is no better time for your company to promote services and give thanks then the holiday season. Consider using NewTV Production Services to create a custom video that can be used as a marketing tool to gain exposure while boosting employee moral and thanking clients who have helped take your business to the next level. Whether it's a silly spoof, a heartfelt thank you, or a simple gathering of holiday spirit, our creative team can work with you to execute a video that suites your needs, while keeping with the look and feel of your company. Contact Melinda Garfield now to get that special holiday video started before another season passes you by!

Original Programming Invited to NYTVF

Written by Andrew Eldridge, Co-Director of Original Programming

NewTV's Original Programming team was recently invited to attend the 10th Annual New York Television Festival as official artists of the festival, which presents an amazing opportunity to connect producers directly with major networks such as A&E, History Channel, Pivot TV, the CW, NBC and many more. Over the course of the week, Angela, Melinda, and I attended the festival's sessions on ways to perfect your pitch, discussions on the content networks are seeking, talks with industry professionals about their personal stories of how they got to where they are today, and development days where top executives from various channels discussed the future of television,

After School Program: From Simple Hobby to Passion to Rewarding Career

Written by Joe Garozzo, Director of Educational Media

When I was a kid, I remember picking up my dad’s old camcorder and recording anything and everything that crossed my path. I would spend weekends, school vacations, and summers making movies with my friends. This is how I first discovered the great big world of video production – it was a creative and technical outlet for me to express myself. At first, it was as simple as grabbing a camera and shooting, but eventually I found out it was so much more.

I recently attended the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) conference in St. Paul, MN. Geared toward professionals working in municipal and county government, it was a great meeting point to learn as well as share different initiatives that are bringing information to constituents. Discussions underscored the changing landscape in how government will need to be flexible, thoughtful, as well as innovative in the near future to address the needs of community stakeholders.

Hands-On Broadcast Journalism Training

Written by Jenn Adams, News Director - October 03, 2014

Every three months or so I get inquiries from students in high school and college about becoming an intern for Newton News, so I send them an application and a description about what the internship entails. Once the application is completed we set up a face-to-face interview to go over the internship in more detail. This is where I see students get those “deer in the headlights” looks. Why? Because I explain to them that in order to do the job necessary as an intern, they must go out with the camera and get the interviews and footage on their own… I don’t go with them. This is for a few reasons: I would take over the shoot if I were there, I need to see what they’ve learned and let them make those important mistakes that are inevitable with all interns, and I need them to build their confidence so they see that they in fact, can do this. I do give them my cell number and encourage them to call for any reason if they have any questions about operating the camera.

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