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Friday, 01 February 2019 10:21

How You Can Promote Your Show on Social Media

Written by Elizabeth Flood, Digital Marketing Specialist
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 Did you recently make a show or a documentary? Have you had a show for awhile but have always meant to create a social media page for it? Here are some basic ideas to get you started.


Pick the right platform


Before you can get started posting, you’ll need to decide where you actually want to post. The big three are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and there are different benefits to each. Facebook has a wide audience (it has nearly 2 billion monthly users), and you might already have a decent base of friends and family on there who you could to invite to like your page. Twitter tends to attract political people so if your show focuses on local or national issues that might be the route to go. Instagram is a good bet if you have a lot of visual content and would like to attract a younger audience.

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No matter what platform you choose though, photos and visuals have become more and more important on social media. The good news is if you’re setting up a page for your show you can always rely on screen grabs as a source for visual content.


YouTube can also be a good tool. If you’d like to post clips or trailers for your project, setting up a YouTube page is a good idea, and that will give you content to repost on your main social media page.


I’d start with just one platform and build your way up from there. Once you have yourself established on one, then you can start thinking about taking one another.


Come up with a posting schedule


Coming up with a posting schedule is key because it keeps you focused and gives you a good goal to meet each week. Try not to overstretch yourself when planning out a posting schedule because once you decide how often you’re going to post, you should be able to commit to it. People might wonder what’s going on if they see you posted once a day at one point and now only post once a week. It’s better to aim lower at first and commit to posting two high-quality posts a week rather than posting two mediocre posts a day, for example. Quality over quantity is important.


How often you post might also vary by platform. Twitter, you can get away with posting the most on. Facebook, you should probably only post once a day, and Instagram, the same or potentially less than that. 


Those are some simple tips to get you started. If any members have any questions about social media or how they can better promote their show, please feel free to stop by my office or shoot me an email! 

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