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Thursday, 11 July 2019 16:20

Summer Photo Contest: Learning from Past Winners

Written by Elizabeth Flood, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Our Summer Photo Contest is a great opportunity to highlight local photographers and to celebrate photography in general. And is there a more beautiful season than summer?

So if you want to enter but you’re stuck on what photo you should submit, no worries. Let’s break down some of the best submissions we’ve received over the years.

Last year’s winner was “Don’t Fence Me IN!; Franklin Park ZOO,” taken by Gail Schechter.


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This photo is unique and stood out from other contestants. It’s an extreme close-up but still perfectly in focus. The black and white effect was a nice touch. It also has a message and emotion. Looking at the zebra and seeing the lines on the fence on it makes you think about captivity and what it must be like for the animal.



2017’s winner was a beautiful landscape photo from Drew Caron, “Sunrise over the Badlands National Park.”


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This is a great photo with amazing symmetry and definition. Sunrise or sunset is a common subject in photography, but this one captures the sun beautifully while keeping everything in focus. One thing that really makes this photo stand out is how many different colors are in it: every shade of red and orange, green and blue in the sky, gray from the rocks.



The below photo was the 2016 winner in the “Best Photo with NewTV Equipment” category. It was taken by Teddy Everett, a former NewTV intern, with our Canon 5D Mark III.


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This photo accomplishes something that is technically difficult: capturing the night sky clearly. To do so requires patience because you have to use a long exposure time. Teddy managed to get lots of light in the photo despite the fact that it was taken at night. It's amazing how much of the sky you can see. 

All three of these photos were winners because they are great technical-wise but also stand out in terms of content. They are all in focus, cropped well (no one’s elbows or fingers made it in the photo), and highlight something you might not get to see every day. 

So get out there and start capturing whatever you think is beautiful in Newton and beyond. We look forward to seeing your photos. 

Learn how to submit and more about the contest here

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