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Ways to Practice Your Right to Free Speech

Written by Elizabeth Flood, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Untitled-1.jpgOct. 20 is Community Media Day! To find out what community media means to the members and friends of NewTV, watch our video. 

One of the best things about community media is that it provides the opportunity for anyone to share their voice and their opinion. To celebrate that, NewTV is also partnering this year with Free Speech Week.

Free Speech Week, Oct. 21-27, is a week dedicated to raising “public awareness of the importance of freedom of speech and of the press in our democracy.” Organizations across the country have signed up to be partners for Free Speech Week and share the message about how vital free speech is for our communities.

So in order to recognize both Community Media Day and Free Speech Week, we wanted to share some of the ways you can practice your right to free speech.



Utilize Social Media

Anyone can make a social media account. Your grandparents have Facebook now, the younger generation is flocking to TikTok. No matter what your interests, there is a social media platform out there for you. 

As long as you’re within a certain site’s guidelines, you can talk about whatever you want on social media. Social media is how climate activists are spreading the word about school strikes. It’s how people share book recommendations, recipes, and what they think about the next election.


Start a Blog (or a Newsletter)

Have thoughts that won’t fit in a tweet? Start a blog. Blogs are a great way to thoughtfully lay out your opinions. Village14 is a good example of a blog that allows community members to discuss everything going on in Newton.

Newsletters are also an option and are actually gaining popularity. With a newsletter, you send your message out directly to your subscribers. So your content will be sitting in their inbox, ideally at one of the best times to send an email.


Get into Podcasting 

Podcasting is hugely popular right now, and people are producing podcasts about any subject, no matter how specific or broad. 

You can learn how to podcast right here at NewTV. Check out our current podcasts for some great examples or sign-up for a class.


Create Your Own Show 

With NewTV, you also have the ability to produce your own TV show. Producing a show is hard work, but video content has been dominating the media world for a while now. (YouTube is counted as the second largest search-engine in the world.)

When you produce a show on NewTV, it will air on our channels and you have the ability to take the show, and put it on your own YouTube or Vimeo channel. Video content also performs well on social media so once you’ve made an episode, there are endless ways to share it with as many people as possible. 

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