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Tuesday, 14 April 2020 11:00

Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Written by Eugene Foygelman, Production Coordinator
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Right now, we can’t hold in-person meetings so everyone has transitioned to video conferencing in order to get things done. Here are a few tips to make your at-home video feed looking great. 


First, center yourself on the screen: 


incorrect camera angleToo low


webcam tilted too highToo high


perfect height for webcam Just right!


The easiest way to remember where to be on screen is by breaking the screen into thirds:

rule of thirds for video call 3 x 3 grid

The general rule is that you want your eyes to be on or around that top horizontal line. This keeps the top of your head from being cut off, shows more of you in the frame, and makes the video feed look more pleasant and professional to others.


Second, think about lighting: 

There are a couple rules to follow when it comes to lighting on a video call. Don’t sit in a dark room. Also, try your best to not have a light source directly behind you, which will cause a glare. You can reposition a lamp to be in front of your computer so the glow comes from the right direction. Or when in doubt, use your overhead lights. Not everyone will have an ideal setup for this, but try to get as even lighting as you possibly can. 


Lastly, audio: 

Do your best to speak clearly and loudly in the direction of your microphone. Your microphone could be located in your webcam or on the bezel (the black area surrounding your screen) of your IMac/laptop. If you have a dedicated external microphone, make sure it is reasonably close to your mouth, without letting it get too close. If you're dealing with background noise (someone in your house watching TV, kids running around), the best thing to do is to mute your own audio until you it is your time to speak. 


Combining all of these quick tips will help you have the best video feed out of all your friends and co-workers!


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