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Thursday, 13 August 2020 11:12

Summer Photo Contest 2020: Learning from Last Year's Winners

Written by Elizabeth Flood, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Now that we’ve reached August, there are only a few more weeks for you to submit a photo for our Summer Photo Contest

Still unsure about what makes a good photo? Here’s an overview of last year’s winners and what made them stand out. 


Last year’s winner in the Best Photo Overall category was “Bridge to Knowledge,” taken by Aidan Vahey. 

Best Overall NewTV Summer Photo Contest





















This submission is a great example of a photo with a lot of depth. By shooting from such a high vantage point, Aidan managed to capture a unique angle, showing multiple floors and patrons of this library at once. The different intersections of the staircases make this a photo worth returning to; every time you look at it, you find something new.


 Last year's winner in the Best Photo in Newton category was "Untitled" by John Syty. 

NewTV Summer Photo Contest John Syty




















Timing plays a big role in photography. Taken at a different time of day, this photo might look completely different. By shooting at sunset though, this photo captures the unique orange color of both the sky and its reflection in the water. The colors are great, and the angle of the building on the left divides the photo up nicely.


Next, we have last year's runner-up in the Best Photo Overall category: "Hummingbird & Hydrangea" from Jean Stringham. 

NewTV Summer Photo Contest Jean Stringham Hummingbird











Everyone loves a nature shot. Getting close enough to photograph a bird, or any kind of animal, is no easy feat. Jean managed to capture this perfect moment when a hummingbird stopped at a feeder. The bold colors in this one, the purple from the hydrangea and the red from the feeder, add to its beauty. 


Our final winner from last year was the runner-up in the Best Photo in Newton category: "After the Rain" by Sandy Simpson. 

After the Rain Sandy Simpson NewTV Summer Photo Contest



















It’s all in the details. This floral shot is elevated by the dew droplets visible on both flowers. Capturing that level of detail takes real skill, and the vision of flowers after the rain makes this photo stand out from typical fauna photos. Sandy used a summer rainstorm to her best advantage.


There is still time to submit if you're finding yourself inspired by these photos! Learn how to submit and more about the contest here

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