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How to Create Your Own Show Archive

Written by Elizabeth Flood, Marketing & Communications Manager
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NewTV, as part of our commitment to members, keeps community-produced shows on our website for a year. After that, we may delete episodes in order to free up our own archive space for new productions.


But what if you’re a member and want to start creating your own archive for your shows? There are a couple of options for you.


Create a Private Archive

If you’re interested in keeping your old episodes for your own purpose, then you have a few options to best save and store your video archive. 

Cloud Storage OptionsSome of the most popular cloud storage services

Videos usually take up an enormous amount of file storage so most people choose to save old videos on a cloud storage service or an external hard drive. Doing so means you won't take up as much space on your computer, and it ensures that if something ever happened to your computer your videos would still be saved.

Cloud storage services, like Dropbox or Google Drive, allow you to save your work so it is accessible 24/7. Since these services use cloud storage that means it is almost impossible to lose your files once you have uploaded them. Anytime you need them, you simply have to log into your account. These services vary in price depending on how much storage you need. 

An external hard drive is also an option if you prefer to have a physical storage of your episodes. External hard drives usually offer a huge amount of space for a one-time price. You have to be certain to take care in where you store your hard drive though because if you lose it, you’ve lost all your episodes as well. 

Some people choose to use both cloud storage and an external hard drive so you have your files backed up in two places for extra security and redundancy.



 Use a Video Platform to Create a Public Archive

If you’re interested in having your videos accessible both for you and your audience, you can create a public-facing archive on a video platform like YouTube or Vimeo. 

youtubevimeo blogArtboard 1YouTube vs. Vimeo


The advantage of YouTube is that it’s free. At first though when you make a new account, you may be limited in the length of the video you can upload. Once you verify yourself though, you can upload videos that are up to twelve hours long. 


Vimeo, on the other hand, is free only up to 25 GB a year. So if you’re uploading episode after episode, you probably will have to make a paid account. Pricing varies depending on how much space you need. 


So those are your options for creating your own archive. If you have any questions about YouTube, Vimeo, or other archiving options, feel free to reach out to the NewTV staff.


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