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Thursday, 29 April 2021 11:35

Tips for Getting Guests for Your Show

Written by Elizabeth Flood, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Many of NewTV's community-produced shows regularly feature guests. Guests provide variety and can help bring new and interesting perspectives for your audience. Here's NewTV's advice for how to find a perfect guest and invite them onto your show. 

Do Some Research

Lois Levin on Trailblazers with Mayor Kim DriscollLois Levin on her show Trailblazers with the Mayor of Salem Kim Driscoll

The first step would be to figure out what kind of guest you’re looking for. Maybe you’re talking about tax legislation on your show; you might look for a city or state official who has passed tax legislation or an attorney who has extensive knowledge of tax law. Maybe you’re doing an episode on bird watching; you might look for someone through a local bird watching group.

It’s a good idea to start doing this research as soon as possible. You might even want to identify a few people to invite on your show in case you don’t hear back from your first choice. Family and friends are also a great resource at this stage. You never know who they might be able to recommend you reach out to. 


The Big Ask

Once you’ve identified a potential guest, you next need to figure out the best way to contact them. Most people prefer to be reached out over email initially. If they have a public-facing social media page, that might also be a good place to start. 

Guests on Innovation Showcase with Jay SugarmanJay Sugarman with multiple guests on Innovation Showcase.


You can write a note telling them basic info about your show and why you would like them to be on it. It might be a good idea to include a link to an episode to give them a sense of how the show is structured and what a basic episode looks like.


If you have a shoot date already scheduled or a deadline by which you want your episode to be done with, it’s probably a good idea to mention that right away. You wouldn’t want to have the guest agree to appear, and then realize during planning that they’re only available five months from now. That’s why it’s also important to ask and look for guests early on; the more flexible you can be with a shooting date, the easier it will be for them to include you in their schedule.


Make it Convenient for Them


Once your guest has agreed to come on your show, try to be as accommodating as you possibly can. If a morning works better for them than afternoon, check in with your crew and see if that’s possible. The great thing about using Zoom (which many of our producers are now used to) is that your interview can be done without any traveling needed. 


Be sure also to send them notes in advance about how the conversation will go and what specifically you would like to talk about with them. If you reached out to them saying you were doing an episode on bird watching but you also want to ask them questions about bird and nature photography on the show, that could be a good thing to send them a heads-up about. 


Doing the work to find interesting guests and preparing them before the show will pay off in the quality of your interview. Be sure to also send them a copy of the episode or a link to it once it’s finished so they can share it with their network!


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