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So You Want to Be A Millionaire?

Written by Valerie Cavooris, Marketing & Communications Manager
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As an incentive to get as many Bay Staters vaccinated as possible, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker announced the Mass VaxMillions giveaway! 5 lucky winners ages 18 and older will receive a $1,000,000 cash prize, and 5 winners ages 12-17 will receive a $300,000 scholarship grant.


What You Need to Register for the Lottery Program

Massachusettes Governor Charlie Baker announced the Mass VaxMillions giveawayMassachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the Mass VaxMillions giveaway. Photo courtesy of

There are just two requirements to be eligible to register for the Mass VaxMillions lottery program:
1.  You must be a permanent resident of Massachusetts.
2.  You must be fully vaccinated, and have received your vaccination(s) within Massachusetts

Being fully vaccinated means you have received 2 doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Registration for Mass VaxMillions will begin on Thursday, July 1 and continue through Friday, August 20. Details on how to register will be released on prior to July 1. If you do not have internet access or require other assistance with registration, a call center will be available to you. The call center’s phone number and hours of operation will also be released prior to July 1. Weekly drawings for both prizes will begin the week of July 26 and continue through the week ending August 27. The state will announce the exact drawing schedule on July 1.


No "But"s About It!

Doctor in white lab coat with vaccine syringe

There are a variety of reasons why people think they will not be able to get a vaccine. The reality is that many accommodations have been put into place in Massachusetts, and throughout the United States, to make sure as many people as possible can be vaccinated against COVID-19. Let’s take a look at some common reasons why people think they will not be able to get vaccinated and at the adjustments made to help them do just that:

“I don’t have health insurance.”

No insurance? No problem! All COVID-19 vaccines are being administered completely free of charge.

“I don’t have reliable transportation.”

If you tend to rely on public transportation, has provided a convenient link from their website to the MBTA’s trip planner. In fact, to make it even easier, we will link it here as well.

“I don’t want to pay for public transportation to get to and from my appointment.”

Through partnerships with the federal government, both Uber and Lyft are offering free rides (up to a certain dollar amount) to and from vaccine appointments!

“Forget transportation, I don’t even know where to make an appointment!” has a tool called the VaxFinder to help you find an appointment near you. Simply enter your Zipcode or city/town name, and you can filter results by site name, site type, or even the brand of vaccine you would like to have!

“I am an undocumented immigrant.”

The Public Charge rule does not apply to getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Getting vaccinated will not affect your or your family’s immigration status.


"Just the Facts, Ma'am!"

Scientist in lab with sample dishThere is a lot of misinformation circulating about the COVID-19 vaccines. As a result, many people hesitate, or downright refuse, to get vaccinated. We’ll explore some of these misgivings and the facts to refute them.

“The vaccines just inject you with the virus, so I could get COVID-19.”

The vaccines do not actually contain any of the virus which causes COVID-19, so you will not get sick. You may experience some side effects, including fatigue, fever, body aches, and soreness at the injection site, but this is just a sign that your immune system is learning to fight the illness.

“Even so, the COVID-19 vaccines are not safe.”

All 3 vaccines available in the commonwealth of Massachusetts – Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson – have been authorized by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only after clinical trials proved they were safe and effective. Further supporting the FDA’s findings, a group of infectious disease experts in Massachusetts reviewed and confirmed the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

“But the process to create and test the vaccine was rushed. How can it be safe?”

It is true that a vaccine to combat COVID-19 was developed rather quickly, but there are several factors that contributed to the expedited process.

  • COVID-19 is a coronavirus, a family of viruses which have been researched for many years; scientists were able to apply this existing research when developing the new vaccine.
  • The United States federal government, along with the governments of several other countries, contributed a huge amount of money to fund the development of a vaccine.
  • Scientists from all over the world put their heads together to research COVID-19.
  • Tens of thousands of people volunteered to be part of the vaccine’s clinical trials, so researchers did not have to spend the usual amount of time searching for volunteers.
  • Vaccine companies began the manufacturing process and the studies simultaneously, in hopes that the vaccines would be proven safe and effective. This meant that as soon as they were authorized to do so, the companies could start distributing the vaccines without delay.

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is more important than ever as we continue to lift restrictions and approach herd immunity. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter every day! Getting the vaccine is not only a way to keep yourself safe from COVID-19, but it also helps to ensure the safety of your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone around you. Who knows, maybe you could even be a millionaire!

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