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Thursday, 08 July 2021 11:44

Can You Take High Quality Photos with Your Phone's Camera?

Written by Eugene Foygelman, Production Coordinator
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You've heard that NewTV is offering $125 Amazon gift cards to the winners of this year’s Summer Photo Contest, so you’re sure you want to submit your photos. What you’re not so sure of, however, are your skills as a photographer. You don’t even own a “real” camera because you always take photos with your smartphone. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Taking a great photograph – even a contest-winning photograph – is not exclusive to those with high-end cameras and lenses. You can snap a professional looking photo using nothing more than that little device in your pocket.

If your smartphone is decent quality and was made within the last few years, chances are high that it has a good camera. Many of the newest phones come with 2 or 3 cameras built into them, allowing you to take regular, ultra-wide, and zoomed-in photos.

Let’s take a look at a few helpful hints to capture that perfect, crispy-looking photo on your smartphone!


Get on the Grid

Smartphone Camera App Grid FeatureTurning on your camera's grid feature will help you divide your shot into thirds.

Every phone’s camera app has the option for a grid layout. If it’s off by default, find it and turn it on. The location of this setting varies from phone to phone, so you may have to explore a bit to discover it. (Hint: It’s probably within the camera app settings or general settings.

The grid will help you divide your shot into thirds, which allows you to compose an image that is visually appealing. For example: When photographing a human, animal, or perhaps some otherworldly creature, the subject’s eyes should usually sit somewhere in the upper third.

With the grid turned on, you can more easily center the focal object, or line up the edges of buildings or roads. The grid can also help you decide how much empty space you want in your shot.




Go ManualSmartphone Camera in Pro ModePutting your phone's camera in Pro Mode gives you more control over various camera settings.

Using auto mode on a nice camera is like buying a sports car with an automatic transmission. Sure, automatic will get you where you need to go, but are you really in

Depending on your mobile device, most camera apps have something along the lines of a “Pro Mode” that allows you to take manual control of your camera. You can toggle the focus, exposure and ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. This manual mode will also create a higher resolution file that can be easier to edit.

If your phone doesn’t have the Pro Mode feature on its built-in camera app, there are 3rd party apps that can give you that manual control. Adobe Lightroom for mobile has a built-in camera app that can do all of the above, and you can download it as part of your existing subscription if you already pay for Lightroom.




Have Fun!

Multiple Cameras on a SmartphoneMost newer smartphones have 2 or 3 cameras for different photographic styles.

Not every photo you take is going to be a perfect, prize-winning shot. That’s okay. Keep taking them anyway! If you have a phone with 2 or 3 different camera lenses, go outside and snap some interesting pictures with each one. Try out some different compositions: get close to something with the wide-angle lens, compress your background with the zoom lens, create some nice bokeh with the main shooter. Take pictures of trees, frogs, birds, flowers, or any interesting and unique things you find outdoors. Try your hand at a portrait if you have your subject’s permission.

Experiment, make art, be creative, and most importantly HAVE FUN! We promise at least a few of the hundreds of photos you’ve taken will be awesome!


Click here learn more about how to enter this year's Summer Photo Contest. We can't wait to see the amazing photos you take, whether its with that fancy DSLR camera or just using your smartphone!




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