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NewTV Member Spotlight: Brian Ives

Written by Valerie Cavooris, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Brian Ives has been a member of NewTV for over 17 years, which encompasses his entire adult life and most of his childhood, as well! In many ways, he grew-up with us here at NewTV. “[Executive Director] Bob Kelly always jokes that I have been involved with NewTV since age 3. I was not that young, but close!” Brian quips.

Being with NewTV as long as he has been, Brian has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. He has volunteered behind the scenes to help many of our producers create their content, and he has been in front of the camera creating some content of his own. One of his most memorable productions is his television series entitled Weather and Its Surroundings, which focuses on meteorology and other environmental sciences. The series was produced from 2012-2014, but may be making a comeback in the not-so-distant future.

Skills For Life

Weather and Its SurroundingsBrian (left) interviews meteorolgist Harvey Leonard on the set of Weather and Its Surroundings .Working on Weather and Its Surroundings, though now almost a decade ago, provided Brian with experiences that have proven to be invaluable year after year. “I had the opportunity to interview many notable meteorologists such as Harvey Leonard, Chief Meteorologist at WCVB-TV, and Eric Fisher, Chief Meteorologist at WBZ-TV,” Brian begins. “This series prepared me to interview people properly andintroduced me to all the work that goes into producing a television series or podcast.”

In 2017, just a few short years after Weather and Its Surroundings had concluded, NewTV introduced podcasting to its line-up of available production categories. “I had always wanted to start a podcast, but wasn’t sure what the podcast would be about,” Brian states. Finally, late in 2020, he had the perfect idea. “I remember seeing all these podcasts on ‘Good News,’ and I thought: This would be a great idea for a podcast, but from a cultural perspective.” From that simple concept, the Cultural Connections podcast was born!


Cultural ConnectionsBrian films his Cultural Connections podcast in front of green screen displaying the podcast's logo.As of January 2022, Cultural Connections has 18 completed episodes and 10 more in the pre-production phase. The first few episodes of Cultural Connections are audio-only, but Brian soon integrated a video component to his podcasts, allowing episodes to stream on both our Soundcloud and Vimeo channels. 

Alongside the interview skills he learned on Weather and Its Surroundings, the easiest parts of podcasting for Brian have been the research component and the actual process of production. “I know that sounds strange,” he admits, “but for me it has come rather easily!” Pandemic-era podcasting, however, has not been without its own set of challenges. “The greatest challenge with Cultural Connections is technology,” Brian explains. “While Zoom is great and has helped all of us through this never-ending pandemic, it has also proven to be a challenge when you have unexpected technical glitches. Thank goodness for Adobe Premier!



Bigger & Better Things To Come

Brian will soon begin the next chapter of his life, as he prepares to attend graduate school at Syracuse University in the Spring 2022 semester. His efforts will ultimately earn him a Masters of Science in Communication, with a concentration in Journalism Innovation. “I chose this course of study because of my love of journalism and politics,“ he states. “I love the fast pace that is found in a television newsroom. Forme, working at a fast pace is actually fun.  It makes me always wonder what is going to come next.”

Brian Ives 2019 Annual MeetingBrian at NewTV's 2019 Annual Meeting & Red Carpet AwardsSpeaking of what is going to come next, Brian shared his career aspirations for when his degree is complete. “Ideally, I would love to work for an organization like The Hill or Politico that is solely focused on politics, however I would also be fine working for a major news outlet like CNN or MSNBC.”

Brian credits his love of journalism and production to the years he has spent at NewTV. “I would never havelearned how to use different cameras, studio equipment, editing software, and more without the experiences I had at NewTV,” he says wistfully. “I love technology, and NewTV has made it possible for me to figure outwhat my career will be. Without it, I wouldn’t be on the career path that I am today.”

Waxing a little sentimental, Brian adds, “I give credit to every aspect of my life journey today to NewTV… I am beyond grateful for the opportunity that NewTV has given me.” We are grateful in return for Brian’s years of membership, volunteer work, and support of our mission. We can’t wait to turn on a major news network and say, We knew him when…


 If you’d like to listen to or watch Cultural Connections: check out the podcast page or TV show page on If you are a cable subscriber residing in Newton, MA, you can watch Cultural Connections on our Community Channel (Comcast 8, RCN 15 & 613(HD), Verizon 34).

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