Profiles of Former NewTV Interns

Internships at NewTV provide young adults with hands-on experience in areas such as broadcast journalism and television production. The practical knowledge and skills interns gain help them to be successful when their internship is over, whether that means getting into the college of their choice, obtaining another high profile internship, or acquiring a job in their field. In today's competitive society, interns are able to leave NewTV feeling supported and prepared for the next step in their professional career. Our interns have gone on to successful careers in broadcast journalism, television production, public relations, and more. Read about their experiences at NewTV and beyond below. 

Melissa Toupin Randall

Position: Multimedia Journalist and Weekend Anchor for ABC6 News/WLNE-TV in Providence, RI

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Fall 2008; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Melissa interned at NewTV during her senior year at Curry College. After graduation, she was a guest host for Totally Patriots, produced by Kraft Sports. She moved on to become a reporter for Worcester News Tonight, where she covered stories including the capture of Whitey Bulger. At the same time, she did some freelance reporting for NECN Weekends. Since July 2012, she has worked for ABC6 News where she has covered stories including the Boston Marathon bombings and the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation. In February 2015, she added Weekend Anchor to her responsibilities. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV gave Melissa a clear picture of the role of a TV news reporter. She appreciated the hands-on nature of the internship. Melissa revealed that she turned down opportunities with two leading Boston stations to intern at NewTV because she felt she would get a better education here. At NewTV she gained experience behind and in front of the camera and in writing, editing, and photography. Now, whenever she speaks to students, she always recommends internships at NewTV. Melissa says, “I truly don’t know if I’d be where I am in my career today without the experience I had during my semester [at NewTV].”

Rachel Brown

Position: Production Secretary at Blue Bloods - CBS

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Fall 2012-Summer 2014; Education Channel and Original Programming

Experience since NewTV: Rachel interned at NewTV from the beginning of her junior year of high school until she left for college. While here, she was able to gain a well-rounded experience. Since leaving NewTV, she graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is studied film and television in the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. Throughout her time in college, Rachel had internships at Legs Media, RSA Films, The Paley Center for Media, Galerie Magazine, First Run Features, Morning Joe and HBO. She started her current job in June 2018.

Influence of NewTV Internship: During her time at NewTV, Rachel gained hands-on experience in various aspects of television production including script writing, filming, and editing. Interning here influenced her college major and prepared her for life at film school. When she started at NYU, Rachel already had experience in pre-production, on set, and in postproduction. This experience has helped her begin to sort out her future career path. Rachel reflects positively on her experience at NewTV: “NewTV is a very close knit community of extremely knowledgeable people [which] cultivates an amazing learning environment – for both members and interns. As an intern you are expected to wear many hats…which is not at all difficult, as you are surrounded by people who are…passionate about the projects…I enjoyed every minute of my NewTV internship, and left a more complete collaborator and storyteller.” 

Jackie Ward

Position: Reporter at KPIX CBS5 in San Francisco, CA

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Late Summer 2009-January 2010; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Jackie interned at NewTV after graduating from Boston University. After completing her internship, she moved to Bangor, Maine and worked as a one-man band for evening newscasts. A year and a half later she moved to Portland, Maine and continued working as a one-man band but also became a full-time morning anchor for WCSH NEWS CENTER. On the weekends she was a solo anchor and a few days a week she acted as a third anchor. Upon moving to California she became involved in producing her web series. Soon after that she accepted a part-time position as a reporter for a CBS affiliate KPIXTV. At the same time, she interned at a content marketing firm called Akoonu. Now the internship is over and she is still working as a reporter for KPIX. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: While interning at NewTV, Jackie was able to keep her journalism skills sharp while simultaneously updating her newsreel and applying to full-time jobs. The hands-on journalism experience and working with a news director went beyond her coursework in the classroom at Boston University and gave her the confidence she needed to get a job in the industry. Jackie says, “My transition from my internship to the professional world was seamless. The expectations Jenn [Adams, News Director] had for me were the same my news director had for me. NewTV is a fabulous place to intern and has better equipment than your first station will!”


Chris Conte

Position: Reporter for WTVF-TV, NewsChannel 5, the CBS affiliate in Nashville, TN

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2007; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Chris interned at NewTV as a sophomore at Boston University. The internship confirmed what he already thought: he wanted to work in television news. After that, he was presented with a variety of opportunities and was hired as a writer for WCVB-TV in Boston. Once he graduated, he moved to Minnesota where he worked as a reporter/multi-media journalist at KTTC-TV, the NBC affiliate there. Next, he headed back east to report for the ABC affiliate in Rochester, NY, WHAM-TV. Now, he’s in Nashville reporting for the top-rated CBS affiliate in the country, WTVF-TV.  

Influence of NewTV Internship: Chris’ NewTV internship taught him how to craft, shoot and edit news stories as an incoming junior at Boston University, putting him ahead of his peers and allowing him to concentrate on the sharing the stories and “finding [his] niche as a reporter and journalist.” While his friends were shadowing other reporters, he was actually reporting, which made a huge difference. Chris says, “NewTV is hands on, real world, real life training. My internship at NewTV set me up for success from the day [it] ended.” Looking back in February 2016, he has won 7 Regional Emmys, multiple AP awards and was a finalist for the National press Photographers Association’s reporter of the year award, and he feels, “none of [it] would have been possible without the experience or mentoring I received at NewTV."


Stephanie Coueignoux

Position: Journalist at Spectrum News 13; former Reporter and Anchor at Fox 25 in Boston

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: 2003-2004; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Stephanie interned at NewTV after graduating from Wellesley College. Since that time she has continued her career in the industry, working around the country in cities including Charlotte, Orlando and Cleveland. She has been honored with a local Emmy, an Edward R. Murrow Award and an award from the Society of Professional Journalists. From August 2015 to summer 2018, she worked at Fox 25. Then, she moved to Florida where she currently works at Spectrum News 13 as an investigative journalist.  

Influence of NewTV Internship: While at NewTV, Stephanie absorbed a lot of practical knowledge. She says, “I learned the basics of how to cover a news story – from camera work, to writing the script, to editing the final story. I also learned how to present myself on air – what to do, and more importantly, what not to do.” She learned to read scripts, conduct interviews and manage time. Stephanie is extremely grateful for her internship at NewTV, “It gave me the experience, tools, and confidence to land my first paying job in television news. News Director Jenn Adams was instrumental in mentoring me, and teaching me the craft. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Jennifer T. Costa

Position: American Cancer Society CAN Government Relations Director - VT

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: 2009; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Jennifer interned at NewTV while completing a Master's program at Emerson College. After graduation, in July 2010, she began as a general assignment reporter at WCAX-TV. Later she was promoted to chief crime reporter, then to 11:00pm anchor. Next, Jennifer worked at WCAX Investigates in Burlington, Vermont, focusing on long format, investigative pieces. There she was a news anchor and investigative reporter. Recently, she began working for the American Cancer Society.   

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV helped to formulate Jennifer’s career path. Being given the opportunity to produce news packages on her own confirmed her passion for broadcast journalism and telling people’s stories. When she started working at WCAX-TV, she benefitted from the hands-on experience she had gained at NewTV, feeling confident in her ability to work independently. Jennifer remembers, “It was the first internship where I was given real responsibility to independently produce a story that would make it to air.” She also added, “I had to balance my schoolwork with my responsibilities at NewTV so I quickly learned time management and how to work under deadline.”


Michael Frank

Position: Student at Middlebury College

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Fall 2016; Community Channel

Experience since NewTV: Michael interned at NewTV while still in high school. Since then, he has graduated and is studying film at Middlebury College. He is also doing some personal film work. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: When Michael started college he already had the production skills he learned at from his internship. He says that “put [him] above [his] peers in experience with studio work, which is a major asset.” Reflecting on the experience as a whole, he says, “interning at NewTV was a fantastic opportunity and working under Katie was a delightful experience.”

Bridget Schelzi

Position: Digital Operations Coordinator at Wenner Media

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2013; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Bridget served as an intern at NewTV during the summer between her junior and senior years of college. Since that time, she interned in the newsroom of WBZ-TV and helped to develop the broadcast side of her campus newspaper at the College of the Holy Cross. After graduation, she completed a fellowship with the International Radio and Television Society in New York City where she interned at CBS in the Creative Services department. Then, she interned at Rolling Stone Magazine, before becoming the Assistant to the Head of Digital. Now, she is the Digital Operations Coordinator at Wenner Media.

Influence of NewTV Internship: When Bridget began her internship at NewTV, she had declared English has her major and her experience here solidified her journalistic aspirations. The skills she learned at NewTV, such as Final Cut Pro, were helpful in her future internships, especially the one at CBS. Bridget says that, “the journalism and reporting skills [she] learned at NewTV set the foundation for [her] experiences and career goals to come.” 


Scott Fleishman

Position: A Weekend Morning Anchor at WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: December 2000-May 2001; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Scott had already graduated college when he interned at NewTV. From there, he went on to hold a variety of jobs in his chosen field. He was a sports producer at WJAR in Providence, RI, worked in radio in New Bedford, MA, and was a sports reporter/anchor in Eugene, OR. In September 2010, he became a Sports Reporter/Anchor at WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT. Seven years later, he switched to his current role.    

Influence of NewTV Internship: When he started at NewTV, Scott already knew he wanted to go into the field of sports broadcasting. The internship gave him his first hands-on experience in taking a camera and physically shooting games, editing the highlights and producing a sportscast. He explains, “Everything I have done over the last 15 years, all started with the skills I learned at NewTV, from shooting game highlights and features, to presenting the sportscast live on camera.”


Ashley Cafaro

Position: Multimedia Journalist at WENY-TV

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Spring 2016; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Ashley was an intern during her senior year at Curry College. She graduated in May of 2016 with a B.A. in communications with a concentration in broadcasting. After graduation she returned home to Albany, NY and worked at an Italian restaurant as she applied to television stations across the nation. In January 2017 she began working at WOAY TV in West Virginia. Then, in March 2018 she returned to her home state of New York and took a job as a multimedia journalist at WENY-TV. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: When Ashley arrived at NewTV she already knew she wanted to be on television. As a multimedia journalist she covered local stories happening around Newton each week and occasionally co-anchored the newscast on Wednesdays. This was different from anything she had done before: “Prior to NewTV I interned at two stations and was not able to get the hands-on experience like I had [here].” Her time at NewTV taught her how to conduct a proper interview, how to put together a script, how to use a camera and how to assemble a news package to be used for television and the web. “At first I was afraid of interning at NewTV because I knew I would be working under a tight deadline and would be the station’s multimedia journalist. But, I knew this was the career path I wanted to go down so I challenged myself and took the internship, which I can now say I am very glad I did. NewTV taught me many things about how to report and how to be a reporter when you are out in the field…I encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a reporter to intern at NewTV. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!”

Omri Cohen

Position: Analyst at Kantar Millward Brown

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2013; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Omri was an intern the summer going into his senior year of high school. It was his first experience in broadcast journalism. During high school, he was a three-sport athlete and served as the captain of his track team as they earned their third consecutive league title. He studied at the University of Rochester, where he did internships in video production and account management. Ultimately, he double majored in business and economics and minored in film and media studies. He started at Kantar Millward Brown in June 2018.  

Influence of NewTV Internship: Having this internship experience at a young age helped Omri determine what aspects of broadcast journalism he did and did not like, which helped him narrow down his potential career paths. He realized he liked video production, but preferred utilizing his skills for creative projects rather than formal reporting. This discovery was due in part to the freedom he was given. Omri says that the most important lesson he learned at NewTV was the importance of risk-taking: “On the first day…Jenn Adams told me I would cover events alone and I would have to make my own mistakes. And I did make mistakes, but I learned from them…the experience showed me that taking risks pays off in the long run and is essential for personal growth.”

Ana M. Bottary

Position: News Anchor for Spectrum

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: 2012-2013; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Ana interned at NewTV while she was a student at Curry College. After graduation, she worked at WAGM in Presque Isle, Maine as a multimedia journalist. Then, she moved to Worcester News Tonight as a general assignment reporter/multimedia journalist and fill-in anchor. In July 2015 she started at ABC 6 in Providence, Rhode Island, where she worked until February 2017. Then, she worked at Lax Sports Network where she was the host/anchor of Lacrosse Now. Now, she is a news anchor for Spectrum.

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV had a large impact on Ana. She explains, “My internship…absolutely influenced my career path. After leaving my internship I felt like I was ready to take on a job in the field.” This feeling of preparedness came from the hands on experience in shooting, editing, and writing her own stories that Ana had at NewTV. With the help of mentor and NewTV News Director Jenn Adams, Ana felt very prepared for her jobs. 

Joel Senick

Position: Reporter/Weekend Anchor at Global News Calgary, Canada

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Winter 2011-Spring 2012; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Joel interned at NewTV while attending Boston University as both an undergraduate and graduate student. After obtaining his Master’s Degree in Journalism, he began working at Global News Saskatoon as a video journalist on the morning news. He moved on to become a weekend anchor who did reporting three days a week. With four years at Global News Saskatoon under his belt, he switched to Global News Calgary where he is a reporter and weekend-co-anchor of Global News Morning.

Influence of NewTV Internship: While at NewTV, Joel was able to independently produce news content using industry standard equipment. Because of his experience at NewTV, he felt confident in his first job as a video journalist. He was used to the process and the deadlines. Joel explains, “I credit [News Director] Jenn Adams and NewTV [with] helping me get my start in broadcast journalism. The things I learned as a video journalist for Newton News were cornerstones in my development as a journalist.” 

Siobhan Lopez

Position: Reporter at WMUR in Manchester, NH

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Fall 2010; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Siobhan interned at NewTV during the first semester of her senior year at Curry College. During her final semester of school, she interned at Fox25 in Dedham, MA. After graduation, she went to Charleston, IL where she participated in a 12-week summer program at WEIU and acted as a reporter for a daily newscast. That year, in 2011, she began working as a reporter/anchor for Worcester News Tonight on Charter TV3. In late October 2014, she began working as a multimedia journalist/anchor at NH1 News in Concord, New Hampshire. In October 2016 she took a job at WMUR as a reporter.

Influence of NewTV Internship: When Siobhan started at NewTV, she already knew she wanted to be a TV reporter. Her internship experience gave her the tools she needed to excel in her first two jobs in the field. While here, she served as a reporter, shooting, writing, and editing her stories, and as a co-anchor on Newton News. Siobhan says, “I loved my time at NewTV. Every week I couldn’t wait to get there and work with Jenn [Adams, News Director]. She taught me so much about enterprising news stories and asking the right questions.” Since beginning her professional career, Siobhan has noticed a trend in the industry towards having reporters “do it all,” and her wide range of skills gave her an advantage over other job applicants.

Gregory Morrison

Position: Freelance Television Producer

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2008; Newton News

Expreience since NewTV: Gregory interned at NewTV while in college. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, California to start a career producing reality television. He has produced shows for over ten different television series, including AxMen and Mountain Men for the History Channel and Bering Sea Gold for the Discovery Channel. Now, he is working on an untitled series for the National Geographic Channel at Gurney Productions. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV was a great learning experience for Gregory. He enjoyed working with News Director Jenn Adams. He explains, “My internship taught me how to tell real stories about real people. I use that everyday in my career.” 


Emily Erdos

Position: Senior at Princeton University

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2016; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Emily interned at NewTV early in her college career. She remains enthusiastic about journalism, pursuing a degree in sociology with certificates in urban studies and journalism. She has podcasted for Princeton Alumni Weekly and now serves as the Head Opinion Editor of The Daily Princetonian. During the summer of 2018, she was an editorial intern at The American Prospect.

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV had a strong influence on Emily, sparking a passion for media. She learned how to hone in on the most important details in order to tell stories in a succinct and interesting way. Her video editing skills have also proved useful. “Plus,” she adds, “I learned how to interview people – an invaluable skill that I’ll use for the rest of my life.”  


Maria (Valvanis) Dello Russo

Position: Project Manager at Stephen Gould Corporation

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: November 2011-April 2012; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: After graduating from college and having no luck in her job search, Maria was referred to NewTV by another reporter. She took the internship and began reporting for Newton News. When she applied for what became her first job at Time Warner Cable in Albany, her boss loved that she was still producing stories, despite having already graduated. She worked as a reporter at TWC for three years before taking a job as a news reporter at WGME.

Influence of NewTV Internship: Not only did having the NewTV internship on her resume help Maria get hired for her first job, but the experience was invaluable once she began working: “NewTV gave me an inside glimpse at what my life would be like as a reporter…When I got my first job I hit the ground running. I was comfortable having to interview politicians, criminals and everyone in between.”


Patrick Thomas

Position: MMJ/Reporter at ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, Alabama

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Spring 2013; Newton News

Expreience since NewTV: Patrick interned at NewTV while getting his masters degree at Boston University. While at BU he won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for his coverage of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. After graduation, he moved to Maine to work at WVII/WFVX ABC7/Fox 22 in Bangor as a Weekend Anchor/News Reporter. In 2015, he won a breaking news award for covering a major fire amid a town shutdown. In June 2016 he started his current job as a Multimedia Journalist/Reporter at ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Influence of NewTV Internship: While at NewTV, Patrick functioned as true multimedia journalist, producing a weekly package that he shot and edited himself. One of the most memorable stories he covered was the Boston Marathon bombing: “That was a baptism by fire experience that will benefit me my entire career.” The internship confirmed his decision to be a journalist after seeing firsthand what it takes to succeed in the field. After leaving NewTV, Patrick says, “I feel like I was a step ahead of the game once I got to my first job…You’re treated [like] and expected to be a professional. That’s priceless when it comes to performing in the real world.”


Alexander Hyacinthe

Position: Segment Producer at The Action Network 

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Spring 2013; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Alexander was pursuing an M.S. in journalism from Boston University during his internship at NewTV. The following semester, he interned for Frontline on WGBH, researching and developing web content to enhance new episodes of the show. At the same time, he worked at the Massachusetts State House as a beat reporter for the Brockton Enterprise and the Patriot Ledger. When he graduated, he worked for the MLB Network. In May 2018, he started at The Action Network as a Segment Producer. 

Influence of NewTV Internship:  At NewTV, Alexander gained real experience preparing, producing and editing news packages. He reflects, “One of the most important things that I took away from NewTV was a willingness to learn how to cover stories in an entertaining, informative, and responsible fashion. By focusing on those three aspects of my coverage, I was able to develop a personal path to producing the best content I can each and every day.

Allison (Sturchio) Manning

Position: Associate Director of Admissions & Career Services (Masters of Accounting Program) at UNC Kenan-Flater Business School 

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: September-December 2007; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Allison interned at NewTV while working on her undergraduate degree in communication with a concentration in television production and public relations. After graduation, she worked at Northeastern University in the field of admissions while simultaneously working towards her Master’s Degree in Counseling and College Student Development. After graduating, she stayed local, working at MIT. Now, she works at UNC Kenan-Flager Business school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: Allison’s experience at NewTV solidified her decision to concentrate in television production and to do her honors thesis on how non-profits can optimize their use of public access television. At NewTV she learned vital communication skills, which are essential in any job. The internship showed her the value of hard work and a hands-on experience. 


Jackson Cote

Position: Senior at University of Massachusetts - Amherst 

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2016; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: When Jackson interned at NewTV he had just finished his freshman year of college. Since then, he has become involved in journalism-related activities on campus. During the Spring Semester of his sophomore year, Jackson served as the news director of UVC-TV Channel 19, the closed-circuit local cable station at UMass-Amherst. A year later, during his junior spring, he serves as the head news editor for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, the university’s print newspaper. He is double majoring in journalism and political science. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: Jackson’s internship at NewTV persuaded him to pursue a broadcast journalism career. He says that, “NewTV gave me some of the baseline skills required of working at any journalistic organization…[including] ethical reporting, the ability to interview high-profile individuals, the ability to seek out a variety of diverse and well-informed sources, public and professional speaking abilities and the ability to create a compelling, well-researched and thorough news package or article.” Jackson credits his NewTV internship with helping him attain the leadership roles he has held later in his college career and he, “expect[s] and know[s] that the professional world of journalism requires these skills as well.” 

Cassandra Aviles Falone

Position: Associate Director of Communications at the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: September 2009-May 2010; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Cassandra interned at NewTV during her senior year at Boston University while studying broadcast journalism. After graduation, she served as a production intern for StyleBoston. When the show was canceled, Cassandra moved on to WHDH-TV as a news writer. While there, she helped cover stories ranging from the royal wedding to the Boston Marathon Bombings. In August 2013, she became the public affairs/media relations officer at Massachusetts General Hospital. Then, in September 2015 she moved to American Well, where she held the position of Consumer Content & Social Media Manager. In August 2016, she began working at her current organization.  

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV gave Cassandra practical experience with the responsibilities of people working in a newsroom. She was able to see the skills she was learning in college applied in the real world. Cassandra learned the importance of deadlines and appearance and the value of intrinsic motivation and loving your job. Something she found particularly special about NewTV is the fact that we value our former and current interns. Cassandra recounts, “it has been very rewarding to experience the respect and camaraderie that is shown at NewTV.” The knowledge she gained from NewTV has been useful in her career. Cassandra says, “To say the least, I do believe that the internship completely met my career goals and exceeded my expectations of what a great value it would bring to me.”


Angela Chow

Position: Fifth-year student at Northeastern University

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: January-June 2016; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: NewTV was Angela’s first co-op, during her sophomore year at Northeastern. Her second co-op was at NBC Nightly News in New York City and her third was a legal internship at Todd and Well, LLP. She has also continued taking classes at Northeastern University.  

Influence of NewTV Internship: Though Angela is currently taking a break from reporting, her co-op at NewTV heightened her passion for journalism and she hopes to return to the field at some point in the future. She remembers, “Jenn [Adams, News Director] was a great teacher and taught me…everything I know and I can now confidently say I can edit using Final Cut and appear relaxed in front of a camera.” Angela also learned to be “organized and timely,” skills that will be useful in any career.

Shelby Levinson 

Position: Supervising Producer at NowThis

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: July 2013-December 2013; Education Channel and Original Programming

Experience since NewTV: Shelby interned at NewTV while she was a junior in college. Since interning at NewTV, she has continued successfully in her college career. As a senior, Shelby did a television internship at T Group Productions in Los Angeles, California. Later she was a copywriting intern at The 88. Now, she working at NowThis where she worked her way up from an editorial producer to a supervising producer. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV confirmed Shelby’s suspicion that television production was the field she wanted to enter. She was able to get practical experience in writing, directing, producing, and editing. The knowledge she gained here helped in her classes and helped her while interviewing for her current internship. Shelby came away from her internship at NewTV with a body of work she will be able to show future employers. Overall, she had a positive experience, reporting that, “the NewTV staff is great and I really loved my six months interning and working with them.” 

Abbi Sauro 

Position: Production Assistant, The Film Posse

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Spring 2008; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Abbi’s NewTV internship earned her school credit at Newton North High School. After graduation, she attended Ithaca College and majored in television production. From college, she went on to work for Pulse Media in Watertown, MA. This freelance production company does video production for many clients including corporate companies and national news outlets. From August 2013-August 2015, she taught English in South Korea and traveled around Asia. Now she works at The Film Posse.   

Influence of NewTV Internship: Even before interning at NewTV, Abbi knew she was interested in the field of television production because of her involvement in Bigelow Network News during middle school. Once at NewTV, Abbi was able to develop her interests and learn what a job in television production could be like. Abbi recalls that, “at NewTV I was taught to write, shoot, and edit my own news pieces, and this knowledge put me ahead of the game during college.” Her skills not only helped her with college coursework, but also gave her a level of comfort with national news clients while working for Pulse Media. 

Ellen Weisberg 

Position: Leukemia Researcher at Dana Farber Cancer Institute; Weather Reporter for Hometown Forecast Services 

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Fall 2011; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Ellen interned at NewTV while working full-time. She had interests in addition to those she was pursuing in her career that she wanted to explore. Since interning at NewTV, she has stayed involved by working on a video series with her husband for the education channel. They have also produced a series based on a U.S. geography book that she and her husband published along with other educational and youth-oriented videos.

Influence of NewTV Internship: Interning at NewTV was an excellent learning experience for Ellen. She has used the Final Cut Pro editing skills she gained in producing her educational videos. In fact, she was able to apply much of what she learned to various projects after her internship. 

Melissa Turesky

Position: Brand Marketing Manager at IBM Research

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Summer 2006; Lipof Fellowship for Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Melissa interned at NewTV just after finishing her Bachelor’s Degree at Boston University’s College of Communication. After her internship, she served as the Legislative Aide and Communications Director for State Representative Kay Khan. She spent time working as a Communications Officer for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. She has been at IBM since 2011.

Influence of NewTV Internship: At Newton News, Melissa learned what reporters need to cover a story. She cites that a very useful skill she learned while at NewTV was digital storytelling, “a skill which I still use every day in my professional life.”


Daniel Altoonian

Position: Stage Crew Member at The Tilles Center for Performing Arts

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Winter 2016; Community Channel

Experience since NewTV: Daniel interned at NewTV while studying at The New England Institute of Art. Upon graduation, he began working at his current job on Long Island in New York.

Influence of NewTV Internship: While interning at NewTV, Daniel became a skilled Final Cut Pro X editor and worked on a variety of studio productions. Moving forward, he says that the improvement in his editing, “helped my projects and revealed to me how much I actually enjoyed working on a project because it’s like a puzzle that when you solve it correctly, you get a piece of entertainment out of it.” Though he is just at the beginning of his career, he wants to tell future interns: “Don’t be afraid to try something new and to ask for help. The whole point of an internship is to learn about the field you are interested in.”

Medena Knespl

Position: Senior Global Account Manager at Aperian Global; Triathlon Coach at SwimBikeRun San Diego  

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: Fall 2009; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Medena interned at NewTV after graduating from college. Following her time at NewTV, she worked in Cambridge at CIC in the field of hospitality and client relations. For her current work, she has moved across the country to California. 

Influence of NewTV Internship: The skills Medena learned at NewTV have helped her greatly in her professional life. For her coaching website, she creates her own videos and develops content, which she learned at NewTV. Medena says she, “loved working at NewTV and had a wonderful experience under the supervision of Jenn Adams!” 

Gina Marini

Position: Morning Anchor at WVII/WFVX BANGOR

Dates/Type of Internship at NewTV: January 2011-May 2011; Newton News

Experience since NewTV: Gina interned at NewTV during her senior year at Curry College. After her internship, she worked as an assistant manager at Abercrombie and Fitch before landing her job at The Groton Channel, another public access station in Massachusetts. In January 2015, she joined the team at NH1 News as an associate producer/multi-media journalist. Next, she became a morning anchor at WVII/WFVX Bangor in March 2017.

Influence of NewTV Internship: Gina’s internship at NewTV influenced her career path and helped her develop skills that she still uses today, including working within a time frame, composing interviews, finding news stories, and editing the footage together. Gina explained, “If I never did the internship, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to even apply [to jobs]. When I first started the internship, I remember not really knowing how to do certain things…but now I look back and am so grateful that I did. When I started to work in Groton, it was like riding an old bike.”