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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 15:33

Instagram Takeover: Social Media Campaigns

Written by Jessica Leff, Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator
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One of my goals as the Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator at NewTV has been to improve NewTV's social media presence. For Facebook, this has translated into daily posts that feature a variety of information about what NewTV has to offer. For Twitter, it has translated into tweeting more actively and interacting more with our followers. For LinkedIn, it has translated into posting the type of content that other users would be interested in reading. For Google Plus, it translated into creating our account. And, for Instagram, it has translated into posting pictures more often and trying to tag more people in posts. Each social media platform has specific types of users and works best when populated with specifc types of content. The ways to improve each platform's usefulness to NewTV is unique. Yet, something that can be used on multiple social media platforms is a campaign. A social media campaign can be tricky to define, though you've probably seen a lot of them. Remember #SFBatkid? Have you ever seen an "Elf Yourself" video? Voted for the next flavor of a popular potato chip on Facebook? All social media campaigns. Basically, a social media campaign is a strategic plan to utilize social media to motivate people to take a certian action and/or promote a certain product. This year, NewTV will run social media campaigns. These campaigns should be complimentary to other goals, as they should be for any other company. With the blog, I have been working to deliver information on a multitude of topics written by different authors. It is important that the content is dynamic and interesting. The posts give insight as to what goes on at NewTV and what each department is doing. The first campaign will take place primarily on Instagram, but will be shared on Facebook and Twitter, and continues with this goal of helping the community understand what happens at NewTV. We will begin a series of Instagram Takeovers, where for one day, a member of the NewTV staff or a NewTV intern will take control of the NewTV Instagram account. They will use the account to give you a more in-depth look at what they do here on a daily basis. Though many of us would report there is no such thing as a "typical day," we will use the day of our takeover to show you NewTV and our job from our point of view. As the Digital Marketing and Events Coordinator, I'll go first. This Thursday, as long as we do not have another snow day, I will control the NewTV Instagram account as myself and show you what I do during the day. If you don't follow NewTV on Instagram, now is the time to start. Go to or search for newtvmediacenter on Instagram.

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