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HD Camera Workshop

Location: Training Center
Category: Field Production

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the Sony NXCAM, a tapeless HD camera. Learn the basic operations of this camera and become certified to use it on your next production. Prerequisite: Shooting Techniques; Minimum Enrollment: 2.

January 29 • 7:00pm

Introduction to the Canon EOS C100 Mark II

Location: Training Center
Category: Field Production


Explore the operations of Canon’s C100 Mark II. Perfect for videographers with a wide range of projects, this workshop will guide you through the setup of the camera. Prerequisite: Shooting Techniques; Minimum Enrollment: 2.


January 30 • 7:00pm

Field Production Orientation

Location: Conference Room
Category: Field Production

If you are interested in learning new gear, documentary filmmaking, or event coverage, then this is the orientation for you. Prerequisite: None; Minimum enrollment: 2.

February 10 • 7:00pm

Mock Multi-Camera Field Shoot

Location: Studio
Category: Field Production

From setup to completion, learn everything you need to create a professional multi-camera field shoot. Prerequisite: HD Camera Workshop or Introduction to the Canon EOS C100 Mark II; Minimum Enrollment: 2.

February 11 • 6:30pm

Shooting Techniques

Location: Training Center
Category: Field Production

Learn the art of shot composition, from what makes a shot look "good" vs. "bad," to when to use particular types of shots and how to provoke emotion through them. Prerequisite: Orientation; Minimum enrollment: 2.

February 20 • 7:00pm