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David Olson Retires

One person who won’t be here during the special election is City Clerk David Olson who is retiring as of Friday, February 5. Mayor Fuller sent out an email and wrote: David Olson has overseen four City elections, two Presidential elections, statewide elections, special elections, a recount and elections during this pandemic when mail-in ballots were allowed for the first time. On top of that, David leads the efforts to maintain the City’s public records. This includes birth, marriage and death certificates, dog licenses, the City Census and residents’ voter status. Plus, as the Clerk of the City Council, he oversees meeting postings, agendas and minutes. As City Clerk, David has the pleasure of performing weddings. David estimates he has married about 100 couples a year, or altogether perhaps 1,600 City Hall ceremonies. David began his twenty years working for the City of Newton originally as Director of the Jackson Homestead. He became the City Clerk sixteen years ago, and the responsibility for running elections was added to the Clerk’s Office in 2013. Under Newton’s City Charter, the City Clerk position reports to the City Council. City Council President Susan Albright and Vice President Rick Lipof are working with Newton Human Resources Director Michelle Pizzi O’Brien on the process for hiring a new City Clerk. We here at NewTV have been fans of David Olson since his job at Jackson Homestead. We cannot thank him enough for everything he’s done with us. We will miss him and wish him health and happiness.

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