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Friday, 06 March 2015 15:21

Producers Meeting Recap

Written by Michael Sills, Director of Member Media
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I wanted to first thank all the producers who came to the Producer’s Meeting held on March 4. It was a great opportunity to hear from everyone and discuss some of the upcoming highlights happening at NewTV this year. For anyone not able to attend the meeting, this post will help you catch up on what you missed. To start, last year was one of our best years in terms of programming. NewTV members produced over 180 hours of programming. This number shows how hard you all work and you should be proud of yourselves and your productions. Change is constant here at NewTV. With the many changes in technology and additions to our facility, we feel there is a need to modify the Rules & Procedures on regular basis to ensure that it addresses every situation and answers every question. So, every few months, we review and improve it. The upcoming wave of changes mainly addresses refining and clarifying definitions and an eventual adjustment of our violations. As a producer, you have many obligations that are important to remember. First and foremost is to respect the members of your crew, who have volunteered their time to help with your shoot (remember to feed them), fellow NewTV producers/members and the NewTV staff. The studio and equipment are to be respected too. As a producer, your duty is to ensure the safety and cleanliness of both during your shoots. Crew are there to help, but the responsibility falls on you to ensure everything is taken care of. Along with that, equipment needs to be returned on time. There have been issues with things being returned late and that will no longer be accepted without asking for an extension. This is just to ensure that the equipment is available for everyone when they need it. If you don’t know when leaving with your equipment when it is to be returned, please ask the staff on duty or feel free to contact me for a reminder. Be aware of this. I have also notified everyone that with the changing weather, both hot and cold temperatures are not healthy for the equipment and it should never be left in cars over night. To attend a workshop, pre-registration is needed to make sure the class has the proper amount of people to ensure the best learning environment. You can do so at or you can contact me. This coming summer, I’m hoping to offer brand new classes and would love everyone to sign-up. My goal is to offer more dynamic workshops in the future with guest instructors, so please check out the ones being offered this semester to ensure we get the chance to offer other great ones. Some members had suggested offering workshops to expand their knowledge on the Adobe Creative Suite as well as more mock production workshops. I aim to address these needs. For the time being, I have aided in the search for crew, primarily to help new and old producers to ensure the shoots take place. In the coming months, my goal is to create a database for use seeking out volunteer crew. This would be a one-stop shop for crew to find producers and vice versa. The purpose is to have producers be more active in the crew seeking process and to establish a more full-time crew for each of their shows. To aid in this, I want to hold a Networking Night for producers and volunteers to mingle, eat, drink and exchange information. The date is still being determined. A thought was raised on potential benefits based on the number of times a member volunteers. I’m going to look into seeing if something like that would be possible. I also plan on holding a distribution session for producers on the various platforms to get their productions out there. This date is also still being determined. For our experienced members, I am seeking volunteers to help with a brand new program we are trying to start called the Member Ambassador program. This would be chance for new members, fresh from training, to shadow some of our more experienced members to help ease them into different crew roles. Please contact me if you are interested in helping. I want to encourage everyone to attend our new monthly Video Exchange. It’s an opportunity for producers to showcase their projects to fellow members for advice and feedback on their work. Everybody that has attended has enjoyed the experience. The next Video Exchange will be on April 7. Please don’t forget about our Annual Meeting coming up on March 18th at 7pm. It’s an opportunity to hear about our last year, the plans for this coming year, as well as Board of Director elections. There will also be refreshments provided. You are the reason we have NewTV and we want to support you as much as possible. If you feel there is anything we missed, please feel free to email me at any point (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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