Overdue Series: Un nuovo momento: Reframing Columbus By Reclaiming Our Italian Past

In an era in which anti-racism efforts are center stage in the U.S., it has become increasingly difficult to justify association with the historical record of Columbus, the original European invader of the Indigenous nations of the Americas. Must the Italian American community be forever linked to this violent legacy in order for us to be considered American? Join us for a discussion with Gabriel Piemonte, founder and president of the Italian American Heritage Society of Chicago, in which the history of Italian American political culture is traced and a path forward is mapped which respects both Italian American heritage and faces the uncomfortable truths of our past. This program is part of Overdue: Confronting Race and Racism in Newton.

Gabriel Piemonte was born and raised in Boston and is the grandson of longtime Boston City Council President Gabriel Piemonte. He graduated from Catholic Memorial High School in 1986 and has a degree in Communications and Journalism from Suffolk University.

Overdue: Confronting Race and Racism in Newton is a coalition of organizations and individuals that aims to equip and empower our community with the understanding, knowledge, and skills to actively fight racism both in Newton and beyond. We provide residents with opportunities to listen, to learn, and to act in order to dismantle systemic racism within our city. This series of events challenges us to do better and examine the way we treat each other in order to make Newton a more welcoming place to live.

Programming on Comcast Ch. 9, RCN Ch. 13, Verizon Ch. 33

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