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Innovation Showcase - Tzu Chieh (Zijay) Tang - Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Winner

Jay talks with Tzu Chieh (Zijay) Tang. Zijay is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. Recently, he was awarded one of the Lemelson-MIT Student Prizes for his innovative work in the field of synthetic biology. One of his inventions, Syn-SCOBY, is a pollutant-sensing filter made from only bacteria and yeast. Zijay also developed DEPCOS (DEployable Physical COntainment Strategy) for the safe deployment of engineered microbes for water quality monitoring. During the program, we’ll be learning why and how Syn-SCOBY and DEPCOS came about, what’s involved in their design and operation, and the potential impact of these efforts with regard to improving the world’s water supply.

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