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Innovation Showcase - SteveBennett: The Pandemic Lens

Jay talks with Mindy Tsongas Choi, Paula Estey, and Christa Brown. Mindy, Paula, and Christa are all involved with exciting initiatives that promote social justice and cultural identity by providing forums for those artists and makers whose voices are all too often marginalized. Mindy is the founder of the Be Seen Project, Paula oversees the Paula Estey Gallery: A Center for Art and Activism located in Newburyport, and Christa is the founder and executive director of The Free Soil Arts Collective based in Lowell. During the program, we’ll be finding out why and how these vibrant organizations came about and how they’ve grown, developed, and operate today. In the process, we’ll come to better understand and appreciate the creative voices and contributions of those often underrepresented and heard from in our society and some of the many ways that the arts promote activism and social change.

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