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Innovation Showcase - Hatched-Breaking Through the Silence

Jay talks with Maria Finkelmeier and Alison McRae. They’re here today to inform us about “Hatched: Breaking through the Silence”—an extremely engaging four-week illumination and sound experience taking place right now at the Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. This dynamic project celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Esplanade Association’s successful public-private partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Maria from MF Dynamics served as the Artistic Director and Composer of the production and Alison is the Capital Projects Manager at the Esplanade Association. During the program, we’ll learning why and how “Hatched: Breaking through the Silence” came about, we’ll go on a behind-the-scenes tour and, in the process, we’ll come to better understand and appreciate Maria’s artistry, the project’s overall mission, and all that the general public can look forward to experiencing and enjoying both from this extraordinary multi-sensory experience together with all the other wonderful public art supported by the Esplanade Association.

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