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Innovation Showcase - Adoption In Black and White

Jay talks with Pamela Chatterton-Purdy and Rev. Dr. David A. Purdy. Pamela and David are here today to share their recently published book entitled Adoption in Black & White—their deeply personal account of raising a mixed race family of four children—two biological daughters (Kristen and Jessica), and two adopted boys, one being African American (Ronald) and the other half-black and half Vietnamese (Stephen). During the program, we’ll learn why and how the book came about and we’ll hear about some of their joys and struggles of raising children from different backgrounds and becoming an integrated family. In the process, we’ll come to better understand and appreciate Pam and David’s long-time involvement in the civil rights movement and their lifelong passion and commitment for racial justice. Let’s start by meeting Pam and David and then learning all about Adoption in Black &White.

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