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Innovation Showcase - bluShift Aerospace

Jay talks with Sascha Deri. Sascha is the founder and he now serves as the CEO of bluShift Aerospace-- an employee-owned American aerospace firm based in Brunswick, Maine. On January 31, the company made history when it conducted the first ever commercial launch of Stardust 1.0, a rocket powered by biofuel. It was also the first commercial rocket launch in Maine--lifting off from a snow-covered runway at the Loring Commerce Center in Limestone, Maine . During the program, we’ll be finding out why and how bluShift Aerospace came about, and how it’s grown, developed, and operates today. We’ll view and go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the successful launch, and, in the process, we’ll come to better understand and appreciate how the company’s groundbreaking efforts are being used now and the even more exciting plans for the future.

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