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Innovation Showcase - Ambrosia

Jay talks with Cicely Carew and Leah Triplett Harrington.Cicely is a Cambridge-based artist and Leah serves as the curator for Now + There--a nonprofit dedicated to creating temporary, site-specific public art installations in Boston. Cicely and Leah are here today to inform us about Ambrosia, Cicely’s new public art installation that’s located at the Prudential Center in Boston. It was commissioned by Boston Properties and curated by Now + There.During the program, we’ll be learning why and how Ambrosia came about, we’ll go on a behind-the-scenes tour and, in the process, come to better understand and appreciate Cicely’s engaging artistry, the nature of her collaboration with Now + There as well as Cicely and Leah’s thoughts about the importance, value, and benefits of having public art in our communities.

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