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Innovation Showcase - Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth

Jay talks with members of the quilting guild entitled Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth. Established in 1997, the group meets every month to sew, share ideas and techniques, and celebrate their African American historical perspective. Joining us on the program will be Susi Ryan, Christle Rawlins-Jackson, Sheila Lutz, Lesyslie Rackard, Tina Guthmann, and Kimberly Love Radcliffe.Whle not here in person, we’ll also get to admire the work of Juandamarie Gikandi, Tarsha-Nicole Taylor, Naomi Henry, Jennifer Jennings, Karen Bekett, and Donna Clark. During the program, we’ll be learning why and how Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth came about and how it operates today. We’ll have the opportunity to hear from some of the members and to see and learn about their outstanding craftsmanship. In so doing, we’ll come to better understand and appreciate both their artistry and the meaningful connections being made to their heritage and the present day.

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