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NWWE Summer Sizzler '21 Tour Night 3

On this Third night of New World wrestling Extreme Summer sizzler’s tour! we have an action packed of 1 hour of nonstop wrestling action in the main event we have a tables match and the between two big guys. The first one that goes through the table is the loser of the match. That’ll be between, The son of the New England wrestling Hall of Famer Brickhouse baker, "The Wildside" Devin Baker vs. "The Mighty" Bosch and in his corner he’ll have the lovely Syd Morrrigan. Also, in singles competition. For The NWW Extreme open weight Championship match we’ll have The Champion, “The Ace" Sammy Diaz and he’ll take on Challenger Nuka Kojima. To kick things off. Is a singles competition between, "The Hardcord Nightmare" Bull Dredd and he will be taking on "The Heavy Hitter" Shay Cash! So enjoy this episode of New World wrestling Extreme Summer sizzler’s tour night 3 and let’s get extreme!

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