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Museum Open House - Moved To Act! Demonstrations Marches Political Actions

Jay talks with photographers and activists Marky Kauffmann and Ellen Feldman, PhD.They’re here today to inform us about their very engaging and thought-provoking exhibition entitled Moved To Act! Demonstrations, Marches, Political Actions. This display documents and showcases a wide range of signs related to a number of recent protests and rallies promoting and championing social justice. From January 11 – February 12, it will be at the Cambridge Multicultural Center. During the program, we’ll be learning why and how Moved To Act! came about, we’ll go on a behind-the-scenes tour, and, in the process, come to better understand and appreciate some of the demonstrations and movements that have taken place throughout the United States in recent years and the importance and role of activism in our country as a means of achieving social justice.

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