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Museum Open House - Newton Out Doors

Jay talks with Gloria Garvis, Meryl Kessler, and Harun Zankel. Gloria serves as the Chair of Newton Community Pride and Meryl is a board member of the group as well as serving as the Chair of Newton Out Doors—a citywide public art initiative that involves the outdoor installation of 25 “upcycled” wooden doors decorated by local and regional artists and placed in and around eight of Newton’s village centers. Harun is one of the artists and his door entitled Fig Newton Festival Poster can be seen at the Upper Falls Greenway. During the program, we’ll be learning about Newton Community Pride’s overall mission and some of its wide-range of programs and events. We’ll find out why and how Newton Out Doors came about, hear from Meryl and Harun and go on a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the installations as we view, enjoy, and learn about some of the very talented artists and their engaging contributions.

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