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Museum Open House - Peabody Essex Museum: In American Waters

Jay talks with Daniel Finamore, PhD from the Peabody Essex Museum. Dan is the Associate Director – Exhibitions, The Russell W. Knight Curator of Maritime Art and History. He’s also the co-curator of the outstanding exhibition entitled In American Waters, which is currently on display until October 3. During the program, we’ll be finding out why and how the exhibition came about, we’ll go on a behind-the scenes tour and, in the process, come to better understand and appreciate the wide range of outstanding artists whose work is on display and the extensive manner upon which the sea has impacted our history, culture, the environment, and American art.

William Trost Richards (1833–1905)
Along the Shore, 1903
Oil on canvas
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, 2009.1

Arthur Dove (1880–1946)
Moon and Sea No. II, 1923
Oil on canvas
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Photo by Robert LaPrelle

Edward Moran (1829–1901)
The Valley in the Sea, 1862
Oil on canvas
Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, Martha Delzell Memorial Fund, 70.5

Charles Herbert Woodbury (1864–1940)
Mid-Ocean, 1894
Oil on canvas
Berkshire Athenaeum

William Formby Halsall (1841–1919)
Vigilant in last days Race against Valkyrie, 1893
Oil on canvas
Peabody Essex Museum, gift of Frederic A. Turner, 1961, M10946

Charles Sheeler (1883–1965)
Pertaining to Yachts and Yachting, 1922
Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, bequest of Margaretta S. Hinchman, 1955-96-9

Jan Matulka (1890–1972, born in the Czech Republic)
View from Ship, about 1932
Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, gift of C. K. Williams II, 2015-8-1

Francis Augustus Silva (1835–1886)
Sail study, 1868–84
Watercolor and ink on paper M8871F2.6
All works are in the collection of PEM, gift of Miss M. Antoinette Silva, 1938–56

Fitz Henry Lane (1804–1865)
Southern Cross in Boston Harbor, 1851
Oil on canvas
PEM, gift of the estate of Stephen Wheatland, 1987, M18639

Edward Ludlow Mooney (1813–1887)
Portrait of Ahmad bin Na’aman, 1840
Oil on canvas
PEM, gift of Mrs. William P. McMullan, 1918, M4473

James Bard (1815–1897)
Steamer Syracuse, 1857
Oil on canvas
PEM, gift of the estate of Francis B. C. Bradlee, 1928, M4266

Conrad Wise Chapman (1842–1910)
Submarine Torpedo Boat H. L. Hunley Dec. 6 1863, about 1864
Oil on board
The American Civil War Museum, 00985.14.37a

William Bradford (1823–1892)
Icebound Ship, about 1880
Oil on canvas
PEM, museum purchase with funds from anonymous donor, 1996, M27190

Michele Felice Cornè (1752–1845, born in Italy)
Ship America on the Grand Banks, about 1800
Oil on canvas
PEM, gift of Mrs. Francis B. Crowninshield, 1953, M8257

Titian Ramsay Peale (1799–1885)
Town of Mathwalta / Island of Venua Levul Viti’s / US Ship Peacock, 1840–49
Oil on wood
PEM, gift of Mrs. Anna Glen Butler Vietor, 1984, M20223

John Bertonccini (1872–1947)
Whaling Vessels in the Ice, Herschel Island, about 1894–95
Oil on canvas
PEM, museum purchase with funds donated by the Maritime Art and History Visiting

Theresa Bernstein (1890–2002, born in Poland)
The Immigrants, 1923
Oil on canvas
Collection of Thomas and Karen Buckley

George Ropes Jr. (1788–1819)
Launching of the Ship Fame, 1802
Oil on canvas
PEM, gift of Captain Nathaniel Silsbee, 1862, 108332

Artist in New England
Contemplation by the Sea, 1790
Oil on board
PEM, museum purchase with funds from anonymous donor, 1994, 137681

Childe Hassam (1859–1935)
East Headland, Appledore, Isles of Shoals, 1911
Oil on canvas
PEM, gift of Peter S. Lynch in memory of Carolyn A. Lynch, 2018.72.1


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