Watch the School Committee meeting live



In addition to our three channels, we also have our "Best of NewTV" channel available on Verizon 2134. Tune in there to watch selected content from the Community, Education, and Government Channels as well as Newton News. 




Comcast 8 • RCN 15, 613 (HD) • Verizon 34        


The Community Channel is an electronic forum for free expression by the residents of Newton. Your vision channeled.




Comcast 99 • RCN 3, 614 (HD) • Verizon 32


The Education Channel is the showcase for the talent of all the public and private schools in Newton.




Comcast 9 • RCN 13, 629 (HD) • Verizon 33


The Government Channel showcases programs created by local government employees, elected officials, and volunteers. Watch your city at work.

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