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Zoom In intends to empower and inspire women and young adults. The host, Yarden Fanta, brings on guests who have overcome personal, professional and emotional challenges and created balance, fulfillment and happiness in their lives. It covers three main segments and how we can keep the balance among these three to have happy and fulfilled lives. The segments are: professional and personal transitions, well-being – how we take care of our bodies to feel and act energetic and powerful, and relationships – how the relationships we have can affect our performance and happiness. This is by zooming in to our inner power and strength and finding direction within ourselves.

Produced by Yarden Fanta
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August 24, 2019
01:59 pmPSA
02:00 pmPoetic Lines
02:30 pmOn the Sunny Side of the...
03:25 pmAdoption Stories
03:30 pmBoston Media Theory
04:00 pmNicaragua
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